Endless Online 0.4.26 : Dev Post D-020
Work in progress

Dev Post:

About: More haircolors IN PROGRESS
'' Babs did it! ''

Great news for Aeven: Babs has finally cracked the code on two new hair dyes:

As part of a small customization upgrade, we are excited to announce the addition of two new haircolors to the hair color palette available in both player creation and at the barber. The first color, "Dark Blonde," offers a more natural blonde option next to the existing yellow one. The second color, "Orange," is perfect for those wanting to stand out. This new addition should provide subtle more variety and personalization.
About: Wayfarer Points IN PROGRESS
'' The Wayfarers arrived ''

A new faction has arrived in Aeven; The Wayfarers. A mysterious group of travelers, and their network of spawnpoints across Aeven. These portals allow players to change their spawnpoint.

Players can now activate spawnpoints by walking over them or by clicking on them and paying the associated Eon price. After registration, upon dying, the player will automatically respawn at his/her registered spawnpoint.

A significant new (3x3) spawnpoint has been added to the center of Aeven, making it more convenient for players in the Aeven area.

Additionally, the Inn system has been fit into new Wayfarer spawnpoints. The old Inn system will continue to operate alongside the new spawnpoint functionality, ensuring the Inn NPC continues to work.

Introducing 11 spawnpoints: Aeven, Tropica, Skywonder, Moonmurks, Centaur Grove, Haunted Hallows, Josand, Factory, Wacku Port, Ancient, Atlantis.

Spawnpoint types: Home(3x3), Spawnpoint(1x1) and Inn.

About: 4.25 Hotfixes
  • The chance of obtaining an Ancient Coin is now 100% in the Ancient Exchange quest.
  • Added three new (slow) pearl spawns in the Big Ocean map.
  • Improved faster pearl spawns on the Ship Wreck map.
  • Improved channel capacity to three players on the Ship Wreck map.
  • All fish (kelp, gold, finfish) levels and EXP have been increased to level 30.
  • Atlantis Robes and crafting are fixed.
  • Sombrero will have a temporary graphics fix and will be fully fixed in version 4.26.
  • Reduced ancient star damage due to high critical hit rate.
  • Increased fluon bow damage and added critical hit.
  • The quest will no longer require iron parts, only iron.
  • The quest will no longer mention 'dizzy cave' but 'factory cave'.
  • Leaving the deepsea platform will reset Captain Scuba's position.
  • Added a fallback option by talking to the advisor of King Neptune.
  • Will now spawn Pokey on a win (5%)
  • First-day Pokey winners without spawns will be automatically compensated.
Update 4.26 is a work in progress - more info later
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