Endless Online : Other Contributors
List of shout outs and other individuals who been involved into related stuff.

Developers : Original A-Z

Amanda panda ; Creator and artist of every pixel of the original pixelart.
DwD chaos ; Composer who created the background music tracks.
Sakura ; Creator of the Anime atwork used by the original client.
Vult-r ; Creator/owner of the original server and client engine code.

And the community admins ; Aengie

And the original game admins ; Laine, Mizzy, Rexor and Teror.

Shoutouts : 0.4.X A-Z

Ajax Pixel Assets mud, moving bush
CSparrow Pixel Assets bird cage, can, haystack, spookyvines
John Pixel Assets centaur house, bee hive, carts, vine-fences, wine crates
Errors Repixels darkrobes-male, frella-female
Oddball Pixel Assets drylines, dryrack, horizontal barrels, autumn tree, hallow grass tiles
Null Pixel Assets bunker wallset, high-grass masks, flags
Stava Pixel Assets v29 pixel pack, additional hairstyles
Stubs Quest Concept other side
Siin Pixel Assets chicken
Wishlock Pixel Assets additional fruits, barrels, lunchbag, hoody npc
Shoutouts Other : 0.3.X A-Z

Apollo Ideas adopted in 0.3.X client.
Cirras Eolib/eomap-js map editor.
Jeffy The 2003 hardware beast that is still going strong today.
Shayne Additional npc-glitch testing.
Sausage Eoserv project.
Sordie Ideas adopted in 0.3.X client.
And all other contributors, mentioned on their third-party websites.
*order or presentation of these lists may be changed or re-arranged, theme contributions at: themes
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