Endless Online : Other Contributors
List of shout outs and other individuals who been involved into related stuff.

Developers : Original A-Z

Amanda panda ; Creator and artist of every pixel of the original pixelart.
DwD chaos ; Composer who created the background music tracks.
Sakura ; Creator of the Anime atwork used by the original client.
Vult-r ; Creator/owner of the original server and client engine code.

And the original game admins ; Aengie, Laine, Mizzy, Rexor and Teror.

Contributors A-Z

Apie Pixels sensai, sweats m/f, warm snuggy coat m/f
BladeX Pixels el frogo, froggo blocks, invsprites, swaggy nick+sled
Bongartist Pixels alienmask, carts, drylines, dryrack, winerack, scaff, snow sphere, hor.barrels, redsledge, spookytree, autumntree, hallow grasstiles
Cera Pixels furisode m
CSparrow Pixels bird cage, can, desert dream m/f, halloweenrobes m/f, halloweenhat, haystack, icepixie, mittens, rudolfhat, spookyvines, snow sphere, pumpkinpot, warm gloves
Cyberia Pixels ducky
Errors Pixels candycane, darkrobes m, forestrobes f, frella f, xmaspenguin, santasuit m/f, santahat, tophat
Fuzzio Pixels etherweave m/v, shadow shroud m/v, sharpshooter m/v
Joey M Pixels optica-alpha
Jono Pixels carts, centaurhouses, grapevines, prieststatue, sandhouses, sandwalls, snowtrees
Megamoogle Pixels megamoogle
Moonriver Quest Concept special tea
Mysticmoon Pixels banana crate, blackbeard, crashedsanta, deer, disco, eagle, holly hat, ice queen, ice fairy, ice staff, importpanel, fishing rod, fluffy hat, furisode m/v, lildeath buddy, magic butterfly, mite, bookshelf, noell staff, petbed/lamp, polarfox m/f, panda buddy, puppy, raccoon hat, saxophone, snowflake m/f, syringe, swan, tinsel m/f, warm giado coat m/f, dark vixen m/f, vv hostress, vv bartender, valentino m/f, warm robes, wild cherry, wrench
Null Pixels aratula, aragorg, bananas, big plants, bunker walls, camelcar, carpet sets, cavehouse wallset, chomp, high-grass masks, flags, flying imps, fungi npcs, furniture set, josand tilesets, josand walls, jungle tileset, jungle houses, jungle rocks, jungle grass, jungi, green plants, monkey npcs, normal grass, paintings, pyramid var2, pots, raidergnome, torches, watercave
Powerking Pixels powerking m, powerqueen f
Sailor V Pixels gold miner m/f
Sairo Pixels shadows tile+wallset, skulls
Siin Pixels cactus, chicken Video promo
Stava Pixels v29 pixel pack, additional hairstyles Pixels stallion boss, stallion halber
Stubs Quest Concept other side, santasos Pixels braincap, decobat, decospider, handbarrel, sledge
Sonically Sound Sfx sound effects
The Artist Pixels spookyhat, pumpkinhat, whiterobe(m)
Tivoilos Pixels mud, moving bush, tombstone Quest Concept man hungry
Wishlock Pixels additional fruits, bigbarrels, barrels, buckets, lunchbag, hoody npc

Maps: Aquatic,Swamp outpost, Cave entry Zora,Toilet

0.3X shoutouts: Apollo, Arglon, Cirras, Jeffy, Sausage, Shayne, Sordie, Stava
And all other contributors, mentioned on third-party websites.
*order or presentation of these lists may be changed or re-arranged.

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