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Content update Atlantis

Dev Post:

About: Patch 25 and Special Celebrations
'' Endless anniversary ''

With the launch on June 30, 2023, the anniversary of Endless Online is near. We are currently on patch 25, with only one failed update (4.16) along the way. This means we've been able to release an update around every two weeks, resulting in an almost complete rebuild of the old world. The upcoming update will further add to this progress with the rollout of Atlantis and a new engaging quest to get there.

To celebrate the anniversary, we are reintroducing the firework coupons, which can be collected and spent at the firework shop that will be open for a limited time. Additionally, some special collectible items will become available, offering even more reasons to join in the celebration of this one-year redevelopment effort for Endless Online.

The upcoming update will soon arrive, focusing on the reintroduction of Atlantis. Once a rough, undeveloped area in the old Endless world, Atlantis is now evolving with its own unique stories. read more below*

About: Atlantis
'' New Adventure ''

The main challenge was revitalizing an underdeveloped area that had only been used for a few training maps. Upon reviewing the old maps, it became clear that the old entrance and main map could serve as the foundation for a new town. Since the old entrance via the death cave had collapsed, a new method of travel was necessary ( Perhaps Shabby in Josand Town might be of help )

The brick-style houses were repurposed to expand Atlantis, including Neptune's Mansion, the renowned Elfish bar, and additional shops. A jelly cave lies to the south of the town, leading into the vast ocean. Plans are already in motion to expand Atlantis further with a jellycave expansion and 'the deep'.

'' Getting to Atlantis ''

The primary focus of this update was to introduce a new quest line that leads players to Atlantis. Players will discover that making a submarine operational in Endless Online can be more complex than anticipated, especially with Shady's involvement.

To start the Atlantis questline, players should begin and complete the 'Shabby Job' quest first..

We are still figuring out how to let players who reached Atlantis unlock the old entrance at Aeven death cave. This way, players that made it into Atlantis can use it as an alternative entrance to come and go from Atlantis.
'' Inside Atlantis ''

We are continuing to add quests, new areas, and items to Atlantis to enhance its value, while also preserving the old flooded house rooms as a training area. Additionally, there's a special encounter with a large shark boss waiting for the bravest players who explore the vast ocean.

Here are some highlights to explore while in Atlantis:

  • Fish photospot **
  • The renowned Elfish bar
  • King Neptune
  • Shipwreck
  • Jellycave

About: New crafting system review
'' Prepared for more ''

Now that the new system has been rolled out, we can begin to review the results in detail. Aside from a few minor mistakes and glitches that will be completely fixed in the upcoming patch, everything looks good. Most players opted to trade their old leather and fur items for new ones using the Josand Merchant, and the new system is fully capable of incorporating additional ingredients in the future. This capability will enable us to introduce new features and content over time, enhancing the overall craft quality of the game for everyone.

About: New Fluon Bow Design
'' We heard you ''

The introduction of the tech bow has been a bit of a hassle since some players didn't like its appearance. After a few changes, we are now presenting you with the new Fluon bow design!

* the tech bow was renamed into 'Fluon Bow' to match with the 'Fluon Sword'.

About: Small fixes
  • Reduced the price of Empty bucket from 60 to 10 Eons.
  • Reduced Iron required for Sampler crafting from 5 to 1 Iron.
  • Reduced Carnivo spawns in the final map before Anundo from 6 to 2.
  • Fixed Stallion key craft by changing Iron Parts back to Iron.
  • Adjusted spawn locations in Bigtooth Lair.
  • Self heal (quest learn) no longer zeroes displayed Eons.
  • Fixed warp exit for Baby Orc.
About: What's next? (patch 26+)

'' Shadow World + Underworld ''

The underworld was a beloved area in the game, cherished by many players for its thrilling encounters with flying chaosspawns and the formidable Apozen endboss.

The future update following patch 4.26 will likely focus on creating the new Shadow Cave area, leading into the classic underworld. This effort aims to complete the rebuilding of the old world. However, this is just the beginning of our work. We have many more plans to expand the game and enhance it, ensuring that players continue to enjoy new content and experiences in Endless Online.

Thank you for playing and supporting Endless Online!

** Atlantis famous photospot

Update 4.25 is is expected to release next week (June 24-29st)
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