Endless Online 0.4.23 : Dev Post D-017
Content update / Factory Update

Dev Post:

About: Introduction
Welcome to the 4.23 developer post for Endless Online. In this update, we're introducing several new features and enhancements as we work on refining the last patch and the nostalgic Factory. Since the inventor's departure, significant changes have occurred within the factory. Let's discuss each of these features in detail:

About: Factory Makeover UPDATE
'' Remastering the factory ''

Upon careful examination of the factory, we concluded that changing the old maps slightly would enhance the experience while preserving the original map. After several attempts, we've decided to delay the update for a few days to ensure seamless connectivity and to give the factory the map count it deserves. Factory always been an area with a lot of possibilites. After several attempts, we've settled on the following approach, which will allow players to both observe the factory and enter it seamlessly:

'' Figuring out a different way to keep the same quest going.. ''

In the current timeline, the inventor left the facvtory site due to the emergence of the anomalies. This exit has left us (the developers) facing a dilemma: how to restore the beloved "rep quest" that was once cherished by Endless Online players?

That's why we introduce "Alpha," the last functioning service robot inside the factory, as a beacon of hope. Together with Alpha, players embark on an adventure to decipher the cause of the turmoil and safeguard the reactor from harm.
'' Adding more floors ''

The old factory in Endless Online had potential, yet was never fully utilized. In our efforts to remaster the old factory, we're introducing additional floors and conveyor puzzles to enhance the gameplay experience. We are also planning for a special end boss.

About: Game improvements
The following three upgrades have been tailored specifically for the Factory map, with the aim of enhancing its gameplay experience. However, these improvements have been designed with versatility in mind, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into any map in the future.

Map: Conveyor Tiles

Attempts have been undertaken to develop a fresh type of tile that directs players in a particular direction. Initially, this brand new feature will be introduced in the Factory area. The introduction of conveyors opens up possibilities for creating new gameplay and puzzles. Additionally npcs have new properties how to interact* with this tile. *read the NPC behaviors section for further details.

Doors: Linked Doors

In the recent update, doors have been endowed with a new functionality allowing them to be linked in groups. This enables them to open and close simultaneously, while retaining their individual locking mechanisms based on keys, quests, and levels. Consider the scenario of a massive castle wall functioning as a single door, illustrating this unified operation seamlessly across interconnected entrances.

Light: upgrades

In our most recent update, we've made significant improvements to our light system by introducing several new dynamic effects. Among these enhancements, one notable addition is the installation of large floodlight beams within the Factory area. These beams serve to amplify the sense of depth and atmosphere within the environment, casting subtle yet impactful shadows and illuminating key features. This subtle yet effective upgrade enhances the overall visual experience for players without overwhelming them with excessive excitement.
About: Various - game improvements
In addition to these upgrades tailored for the Factory map, this update includes smaller improvements aimed at refining various aspects of the gameplay experience. While not as prominent as the major enhancements, these smaller tweaks and adjustments collectively contribute to a more polished and enjoyable game environment.

Minimap: Npc States

The client now provides information about the NPC's state. Initially, only capable of displaying NPCs as red squares, it now distinguishes between passive(grey) and aggressive(red) states. Additionally, there's potential for further improvement by incorporating alerted and sleeping states in the future.

Chest: Rare spawn feedback

In the latest update, a new feature called the Turtle Chest was introduced. However, many players are puzzled about how often it appears. This chest is meant to make rare items like the Turtle Costume hard to obtain. To help players understand their chances better, the Diamond icon, which indicates that the chest is spawning personal ultra rares, now provides additional information about your personal chance on the current attempt.

Quests: Hunter Contracts

The quests now have the possibility of asking for random NPC kills. The Aeven Hunter quest is the first to take advantage of this improvement, where players are asked to assist in reducing the number of various critters on the Aeven continent. Similar to the Nibby quest, players will lock down on a specific request, which will remain constant even if the quest shuffles its requirements. The Aeven hunt quest will shuffle every 12 hours, while the Nibby quest currently changes every 4 hours.

Quests: NPC behaviors

NPCs have been upgraded with two additional behaviors: flying over gaps and passing through walls. Additionally, developers can adjust NPC responses to conveyor belts, choosing from avoidance, indifference, or adherence. The settings can be easily set and changed using the upgraded Pub Studio 4.23.

New flags:
  • npc.moveBlocked
  • npc.moveConveyor
About: Database Fix UPDATE
We have resolved some minor glitches that typically caused the database connection to drop after a few weeks of runtime. Thanks to a helpful tip from our players about the daily reset causing the problem. It turned out to be some thread unsafe code, which is fully fixed. Additionally, we've added auto database reconnection routines to the gameserver for added stability. Thanks agin for this valuable feedback!
About: Rebuild State UPDATE

'' Carefully rebuilding the old world ''

Endless Online currently features 256 fully remastered maps, prioritizing quality over quantity. The original Endless world had 298 maps. We are still working on bringing all the maps back (and more)

Moreover, the amount of quests is now 91, a significant increase from 36 in the old world, aiming to offer a complete quest path from level 0 to 30+. More quests will be added over time.
About: Summary
Starting with the next patch, the maximum daily limit will be raised from 3 to 4 quests. This adjustment is in response to the growing number of daily quests available, giving players more freedom and opportunities to do the daily quests they like.

The new Hunter Quest (random kill quest) is designed for the lower (and higher) level players. The factory area upgrade is aimed at L30+

Patch 4.23 will feature a few new changes in the engine:

  • Daily quest limit raised from 3 to 4
  • Rare chests spawns now indexed in #item
  • Factory improvements and expansion
  • Old (rep) factory quest
  • New Hunter Coin
  • New Ducky Buddy
  • Various game improvements
  • New hunter quest

Content update 4.23 is delayed to launch next weekend (around FRIDAY May 10th)

We thank you, all contributors and all the players for their support of Endless Online.
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