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Content update / Ancient

Dev Post:

About: Server Migration (again)

Welcome, everyone, to the latest Endless Online Developer Post. We have a lot to discuss, so let's dive right in.

To address the many complains of laggy gameplay we decided to switch (again) to a new server located in New York. This new server is now hosted by a another company with many years of experience in hosting servers.

The migration from the old server to the new one went smoothly. Most players didn't even notice the change because the various implemented features to ensure a seamless transition. As a result, you should now experience improved performance and fewer disruptions while playing Endless Online. The new server needed some time to migrate and additional funding from us, but we are glad to see that the game is running better overall.
About: Ancient Gardens
'' Another old continent with old items ''
Slowly more and more old items are finding their way into the world

Once accessible only through ancient scroll technology, the Ancient Continent is now easier to reach with the convenience of airliners. Airliner 121 takes you directly to the ancient gardens. To celebrate the new airline service, Aeven Airlines is offering temporary free travel.

Well known for the Ancient Plate and Ancient Sword, the ancient realm has also expanded its collection of ancient gear. True warriors admire the superior quality of the Ancient gloves, belt, and boots. Ninjas seem particularly intrigued by the Ancient Star for its enhanced ranged capabilities. However, the ancients don't offer their wares at a low price.

About: Turtle Island (Special Quest)
'' Introducing Turtle Island! ''

We're introducing a new destination: Turtle Island, located off the coast of Continent Tropica. Accessible through a boatman in Continent Tropica, this island offers a unique opportunity for a chance at a chest spawn**.

This approach aims to combat botting while providing an alternative and engaging method to obtain rare items. Among these treasures is the popular legacy Turtle Suit.

Additionally, the introduction of Turtle Island required the implementation** of new quests and adjustments to the game engine to ensure its functionality. These behind-the-scenes enhancements aim to provide a seamless experience for all adventurers exploring this exciting new location.

You can find the quest giver at Tropica.

About: Nibby The Scavenger (Special Quest)
'' Scavenger Hunt? Ok, we hear you! ''

We're pleased to introduce a new feature based on popular demand: the Scavenger Hunt. Many of you have expressed interest in a randomized quest system, and are now bringing this idea to life.

Meet Nibby, a lively squirrel residing in the jungle, who has been diligently collecting various items for you to find. In exchange for these items, Nibby offers Craft Coins, which can be traded for valuable rewards. Currently, the primary reward available is a Puppy, but we have plans to expand the rewards available through Craft Coins in the future.

Improvements have been made to our quest engine to ensure that the player's objectives remain consistent even as the required items for quests change at fixed intervals. This means that players will keep the item objectives they've accepted, even as the quest cycles through different random items every x hours. This system may also be extended to quests that require defeating a certain number of NPCs in a future patch..

We believe that the Scavenger Hunt system adds depth and variety to our gameplay experience, and we're excited to see how you all engage with it.
You can find Nibby in the Wacku Jungle. The Sealiner 106 departing from Aeven Port will take you there!
About: Bigtooths (semi boss experiment)
'' New boss experience ''

Obtaining the Jungle Shield revolves around confronting three formidable semi-bosses known as Bigtooths simultaneously. This presents a significant change compared to traditional boss encounters and requires some additional coordination and skillful gameplay.

The Bigtooth fight is also the first significant shield (Jungle Shield) that is not obtained through corrupted cores. We're curious to see if this change enriches the gameplay experience for the players.

The scared warrior, who requests that you defeat the Bigtooths, can be found north of Nibby's Treehouse in the Wacku Jungle.

* screenshot of Garden Patrol Quest and Turtle Island Quest.

About: Crazy Factory (Beta)
'' This really brings you back ''

Initially the first level of the factory will be accessible, featuring roaming tiles, scans, cranes, and Proto. For many, the factory evokes memories both positive and negative, as players recall the repetitive laps undertaken for experience and items.

It's important to note that this reintroduction serves as a playtest. Our intention is to gather feedback and refine the factory experience. In future updates, we plan to introduce improved and unique quests, as well as challenging bosses, to enrich the area further.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to enhance your gaming experience.

About: Summary
Patch 4.22 will feature a few new changes in the engine:

  • 4 New quests + daily folow ups
  • New item contract behaviour (quest engine)
  • New onetime chest spawn, on personal level (engine)
  • New basic expressions npcs (alert,attracted etc)
  • New continent Ancient
  • New boss: Schimmel (Ancient)
  • New semiboss: Bigtooth (Wacku Jungle)
  • New items, new buddy (puppy)
  • Database migrations
  • Freeze fix, when other players die in-range.
  • Etc..

About: Data migration notice

'' Inventory shuffles ''

In order to plan for some serious crafting improvements in the future, various database migrations have been made (10 in total). We decided to make all conceivable preparations so further ID reorders can be avoided from now on. Players will experience a one-time shuffle of inventory layout and hotkeys. We anticipate doing a free stat reset weekend to compensate for this inconvenience
About: Development background (data migrations)
We understand that many of you have been wondering why item ID migrations have been occurring frequently. We want to assure you that these migrations are part of our ongoing efforts to improve your gaming experience.

Behind the scenes, we are carefully planning and developing a new crafting system that aims to enhance the crafting process, particularly for items and armors, making it more enjoyable then just making Textile over and over..

This new crafting system is currently under careful consideration and is being meticulously designed to meet quality standards. While we cannot provide specific details at this time, we want to assure you that it will be worth the wait.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to implement these changes. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering an improved crafting experience for all players.

About: Todo's
The world is getting there! The following areas still need to be brought back:
  • world: Atlantis
  • area: Bird Fortress
  • area: Cyclops Cave
  • world: Dreamworld
  • area: Gnoll Cave
  • area: Hall Of Pain
  • area: Tombes (shadows)
  • area: Orc Cave
  • world: Underworld (apozen)
  • world: Vulture Island (pyramides)

Content update 4.22 is expected to launch this weekend (around SATURDAY April 20th)

We thank you, all contributors and all the players for their support of Endless Online.
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** The chest has a rare chance to generate a turtle suit personalized for the fortunate player.
** This opportunity occurs only once upon entering the map, discouraging repetitive attempts to camp or automate access to the chest.
** Each player has a new chance to spawn a turtle when restarting the quest and re-entering the map, other players can't see or take their turtle spawn.
** The quest will ask the player for a small fee (Eons) to be transported to the Island, making it some sort of a mini-gamble system that some players requested.
** The system is experimental, and can be adjusted if needed.

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