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Maintenance update / Wacku Wilds

Dev Post:

About: Monkey Island
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Monkey Island always had some significance within the Endless Online world due to its special one-time quest. The restoration of the island was a key objective within the new jungle continent, as it seamlessly fits into this kind of environment.

Accessing Monkey Island has become challenging since the boat sailing to the island stranded amidst turbulent waters. The only entrance to the island now involves traversing a dangerous path infested with jungle biters. Only the most resilient adventurers dare to embark on this quest to rediscover the forgotten Monkey Island, where they'll discover that a lot has changed on the island over time. Efforts have been made to maintain the island's original state while allowing it to change due to the shipwreck event, which enabled the monkeys to find and utilize materials, evolving them by building new structures on the island.

Monkey Island Quests
  • Jungle Run (Monkey The Explorer)
    the bravest of the monkeys is searching a better path to monkey island and needs some help reporting back to wise monkey daily.

  • Daily Soupy (Monkey Brother)
    with the shipwreck full of fairysoda things got out of hand in the monkey pub. Help monkey brother cure the sick monkeys with a chimpy soupy.

  • Monkey Treasure (Stranded Pirate)
    with no way back the pirate gave up on finding the treasure, but maybe you can help him find it.

The Jungle continent introduces an opportunity for players to create a new set of jewelry by 2 different paths. The first path is a standalone investment of a full list of resources, whereas the second option enables players to upgrade their sand jewels at a significantly discounted rate. This approach aims to streamline the crafting process, avoiding lengthy chains, while keeping the satisfaction of upgrading from prior jewel sets.

Monkey Island Rewards
  • New: Reintroduction spears and pole weapons
  • New: Jungle belt, gloves
  • New: Jungle necklage
  • New: Jungle ring
  • New: Jungle bracelet
  • New: Jungle bracers
About: Work in progress
'' Idea for item circulation ''
Ways to keep the (item) economy circulating is key.

The Wacku continent has undergone significant expansion beyond Monkey Island. Within the jungle, a special treehouse has been added, serving as the site for future scavenger hunts. Players will be challenged to explore the treehouse and embark on randomized scavenger hunts, offering unique rewards like new companions, weapons, and other items.

This idea will introduce a new mechanism for Endless Online to keep existing resources circulating within the economy.

About: Data management / Behind the scenes
'' Keeping it tidy ''

In the new version, not all changes are visible. As the game gets bigger, more items are added. It's not essential to keep a perfect list of items, but it's a good idea to still aim for this, so the list of all items is less fragmentated in the future.

To manage this, several data shifts have been made by creating new item IDs to keep the list organized. A complicated tool will work behind the scenes, fixing thousands of database records, map files, and more. A backup routine and readable report showing any errors will hopefuly keep mistakes to a minimum.

* a day in the devjungle
About: Todo's
The world is getting there! The following areas still need to be brought back:
  • world: Atlantis
  • world: Ancient Gardens (blobs)
  • area: Bird Fortress
  • area: Cyclops Cave
  • world: Dreamworld
  • area: Factory
  • area: Gnoll Cave
  • area: Hall Of Pain
  • area: Tombes (shadows)
  • area: Orc Cave
  • world: Underworld (apozen)
  • world: Vulture Island (pyramides)

Maintenance update 4.21 is expected to launch this weekend (around SATURDAY March 30th)
We thank all contributors and players for their support of Endless Online.

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