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Santa SOS

Dev Post:

About: Santa-SOS
Santa needs some help; his yearly rehearsals ended with a crash landing in a lake near Snowlandia. All the presents are in the lake, but luckily, fishing is now a new feature in Endless Online as well! Help Santa fish out all the presents from the lake and earn unique Christmas items at the same time. This update transforms Aeven into a Christmas town, adds a brand new Santa crash site map, and introduces fishing at Aeven Greenlake.

About: Fishing System Introduction
The fishing system is now ready for further action, with full backend support from PubStudio making it fairly easy to expand fishing spots, offering various items and chances. For now, we've decided to introduce the system only at Green Lake, accompanied by a fishing shop where we've ensured the amount of ingredients is low enough for anyone to easily craft a basic fishing rod. The lake itself hosts small fish, such as the silver fish and the fin fish. The idea is that, once the buff/debuff systems are implemented, special dishes can provide unique (group) boosts, etc.

* You can find Greenlake on the Aeven continent, somewhere east of town.

About: Updated Translations / Thanks
Patch 0.4.12 will now incorporate refreshed language files in all supported languages, including Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese. Special thanks to AmandaPanda for the Swedish updates and CanadianDog for the Portuguese contributions. Also, we would like to thank all the contributors of pixel artwork for their efforts!
About: Current event rewards
  • Easy reward / Gloves : santa gloves
  • Easy reward / Armor : santa outfit (m/f)
  • Easy reward / Hat : santa hat
  • Easy reward / Hat : christmas hat (retro)
  • Easy reward / Weapon : candy cane
  • Special reward / Armor : polarfox (m/f)
* More presents might be added in time (undecided)

The christmas event update is expected to launch tomorrow, November 26th.
See you there and thanks for playing Endless Online!

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