Endless Online 0.4.8 : Dev Post D-005
Happy Halloween

Dev Post:

About: Migration Completed
Upon reflecting on the smooth migration, it's evident that the server now operates significantly better. For some players the base ping increased by 50ms, because of moving the location to west USA. Despite this, the overall user experience stands to be greatly enhanced. The latest included lagfix in this 0.48 release might further improve the connections. (for more details about the lagfix, please read below). Despite the migration process and various fixes this week, we managed to stick to the Halloween schedule. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for the mini-core system.
About: Halloween Event
Aeven has undergone a spooky transformation into the Halloween spirit! Spiders, bats, ghosts and pumpkins. Additionally, the candy wizard fell victim to the candy bandit.. Can you help him find back his stuff? In return, the wizard will generously reward you with exclusive items! Find him at Aeven square but please note that the Halloween event will only run from October 1st to November 1st. 2 new contributed customes can be earned. click here to see the heroes who contributed to the project.

About: New Features
Two high-experience quests (Level 20) have been introduced: delve into the story of the lost soul within the Haunted House and unravel the mysteries of the old hermit in Anundo. New quest engine support and a new item type (audio document) been added to bring the Lost Soul quest alive. The magic shop has new items in store, as well as Daisy Dressup. Several bug fixes have been implemented, including the resolution of issues with arrows passing through walls and holes. Additionally, a significant lag fix has been applied, which is likely to reduce most of the client lag. In addition to addressing issues with the sound engine; Fixes have been made to prevent crashes in caves (due to earthquakes), even when the sound was turned off.
About: Level cap
The level cap has been lifted after a short pause to fine-tune the balance between levels and stats. There doesn't seem to be any problem with keeping the stat point rewards aligned with the new experience curve. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
releasing 30 september

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