Endless Online : Terms Of Service (ToS)
Endless Online Software is provided as-is. You agree that by accepting this license, you are expressly acknowledging that the use of this software is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Any harm or damage to your system by running this software will also be at your own risk. We do not ensure continuous, uninterrupted, reliable, error-free, secure operation of the Software, the Game or your Account.
1 Do not abuse the admins !!!
2.1 No sharing passwords
Do not share your passwords or account information with friends, guild members, admins and anyone else. Some individuals have bad intentions and may attempt to steal your account or belongings. These individuals often claim to be trustworthy, but they are not to be trusted.

2.3 No real money trading
Real money trading through any in-game communication channel is not allowed. Be cautious of bad individuals who may attempt to deceive or defraud you for money. Please note that the game administrators will not be in a position to assist in such matters.
3 Respect your fellow players
We understand that not all player shares the same opinions. It is perfectly normal to have disagreements. While engaging in discussions or interactions, please remember to treat your fellow players with courtesy and respect.
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