Endless Online 0.4.1 : FAQ
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Q: What is Endless Online 0.4.1 ?
A: It is an experimental upgrade of the original EOS server ( the one that carried up to 3000 players at the peak )

Q: Will Endless Online 0.4.1 be an instant full game experience?
A: Not really; this updated world will have remastered and new stuff built upon the classic and new introduced server mechanics.

Q: Will there be Aeven?
A: Yes but some things might have changed in time..

Q: Can i keep my account?
Q: Can i keep my items?
Q: Can i transfer items from another server?
A: Bad news. Items are uniquely tracked by 0.4.1 and no way compatible with the classic items. The good news; Imagine that you maybe could charge your items, tier up, have unique stats, or have multiple elements of the same version? How cool would that be?

Q: Will Endless Online release soon?
A: There will be early access. But know this is an optional experience next to the servers that are already playable and offer full experiences.

Q: Will it release as a private server?
A: Undecided, but not very likely to happen at short term since all the engine parts and tools change so much frequently.

Q: Will it release as mobile?
A: Undecided. Client fonts, mouse, render and hardware calls are being ported whenever the chance. It will be a feasable option on the long run.

Q: Will it release as linux or mac?
A: However the after-port is very likely not worth the additional effort in this case. ( also checkout : WINE )

Q: I think this might be the end of [another-server] ???
Q: Why do you ruin [another-server] ?
A: No, it is best to see Endless Online 0.4.1 as a work in progress, and something different on it's own.

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