Instructions: Install Trouble
Having trouble to install or run the client ?
Windows Defender | Smartscreen

Windows defender is protecting your computer, by blocking software from small or unknown publishers

Step 1: Simply click on the 'more info'.
Step 2: Then click 'run anyway'.

Endless Protection | Endless Protection Error

Sometimes the Endless Online setup or ZIP file fails to extract all needed files, this could be due to system file rights or overwriting and older version of Endless Online with another.

Step 1: Delete your (old) Endless Online files, the best you can.
Step 2: Make sure everything old Endless Online files are gone.
Step 3: Redownload the client here
Step 4: Try again.
The app you're trying to install isn't a Microsoft- verified app

Rarely Windows might block Endless Online because it was downloaded from our website instead of Windows Store.

Step 1: Open the Settings ( for example Winkey + I ).
Step 2: Goto Apps -> Advanced App Settings
Step 3: Pick any of the 'anywhere' options.

Various Virus Scanner Issues

Endless Online downloaded from this website is always 100% clean and 100% free of malware.

The fact that your anti-virus product is flagging Endless Online with something random should make you question the quality of your virus scanner. Nevertheless here are some tips and tricks to get Endless Online running:

Step 1: Open your virus scanner (usually in the taskbar tray).
Step 2: Goto Settings -> Advanced Settings.
Step 3: Goto Quarantined Apps or Blocked Apps ( or files )
Step 4: Find and unblock EndlessOnline or endless.exe
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