Endless Online : History
For archive purposes, a brief history of original Endless:

Endless Online versions/updates/releases/dates
Compiled from official announcements, old forum posts and change logs; Correlated by Sordie.
Dates with day numbers are public releases. Dates with just months are derived from announcements.
Versions .06 to .08 where all developed over Christmas 2003 with no announcement to the public.

v.01 (not released)

  • create and validating accounts
  • login with account
  • create / modify and delete characters
  • character skin colors
  • character gender (male female)
  • game edit and message system
  • version checking
  • character walk animations
  • build-in support for alpha blending (0 - 100%)*
  • full player movement synchornization
  • movement / chat broadcasting by server
  • buildin screenshot / capture
  • chat playback area + chat balloons ingame
  • mysql support + character auto save when exit
  • database support for custom pants, armor, hat etc.
  • range checking, to decrease data traffic for server.
  • secure packet transfer (encryption)
  • login sequence + security are ok now.
  • range checking
  • interface: chat panel
  • interface: status panel
  • server: support for player classes
  • server: support for player guilds
  • server: now supports IP block / ban
  • server: now support HD serial ban
  • server: now support account ban
  • keyboard backspace has speed up
  • keyboard is better responding to chat input
  • client range has optimized
  • client has delete delay for deleting player objects
  • double account logging disabled
  • Intro (vult-r) has been recoded to prevent crash
  • chaging direction first then move sprite.
  • mouse scaling in windowed mode.
  • mirror blt'ers
  • minor memory leaks
  • player range
  • client range has optimized
  • security fixes

24th September 2003 - Website update

"The website has been updated again withmore information. At a later time we will remake the website with a better look and all available information, at this moment our main goal is getting the client and server software more complete. The client is almost ready and stable with support for fast unique sprite pre-rendering. Check out our forums for the latest updates about the development of Endless."

v.02 October 2003 (not released)

  • surface cache system for map objects.
  • map with different layers for walls, objects, tiles.
  • timer on speed move/fight/cast server sided.
  • sprite animations to cast..
  • sprite animations to fight..
  • sprite animations to sit down..
  • mouse hover ( showing name player )
  • whisper, public/private/global chat system
  • privat / public chat system
  • interface: who is online list
  • new packet builders ( on server and client side )
  • new packet parser ( on server and client side )
  • new packet encoding ( lot faster )
  • text baloon now moves when you fight or sit down.
  • frame rate controller
  • several optimizations in client.
  • minor surface restore bugs
  • double chatline bug fix.
  • auto private chatting
  • sprite displacement in some male aniamtions
  • scroll buttons in interface did not respond
  • sprite animations for fighting and casting.
  • ALT-F4 trapping, fixed the crashed when exit the game.
  • surface restore in client side (alt tab problems).
  • double chat lines have been fixed (server sided).
  • shared bitmap loading, prevent crashes.
  • delayed bitmap loading (prevents frame jumps)
  • sprite cannot move through eachother anymore.
  • database problem when creating new account
  • several memory leaks in client.
  • fixed some minor bugs

3rd October 2003 - Website update

"More screenshots have been added to our website, its worth a look :) also the client and server progress is going nice. I can tell that the tcp/ip (packet build, encode and parse) engine is seriously improved and now running VERY VERY fast. more information about development can always be found on our forums."

10th October 2003 - A new challange

"There are some new articles on the support area, now we have a total of five amazing stories........ Wonder what we been doing lately ? .. well, we have been working on the game client giving it more features and ease. Now we are facing a new challenge that will take a few days, we going to give every player the ability to sit down and relax :)"

22nd October 2003 - Good news

"The engine getting better every day. Now it can show complete maps with trees, walls, fountain ... etc.. Vult-r will be busy fixing a few small bugs then we move on with support for clothes (boots, armor and hat)."

24th October 2003 - Testrun results

"Endless have had a testrun with 10 players online at the same time. A few bugs showed up for everyone and caused some trouble, nothing too serious though. Next few days will be used to bugfix them all and then we can move to a next stage in development :) The good news is that the server never crashed and proved to be stable as always."

12th November 2003 - Development update

"We are making good and fast progress on the custom clothing system now, boots and armors are already supported by the game engine + development tools. Right now the artists are working on getting all their work in the engine :) Then we can finally take the current, rather strange looking, screenshots offline and replace them with decent dressed players."

19th November 2003 - Soon: more screenshots

"We are planning to do a small testrun soon, the screenshots will be posted on the website. Currently we are looking at our options to project a hat/mask on top of the other layers. This last layer will be the last addition for the 0.03 engine, then we move on with map file/editor support."

21st November 2003 - code 0.03 complete

"It took a while, but the job is done : the whole sprite customization system is working. Next few days will be used to add some more clothes and hats to the game. We hope to do a one-day testrun on sunday, if you like to participate please post your name and email on the forum, thank you."

v.03 22nd November 2003 (First release! only open for 1 hour on 23rd)

"For those who like to participate in the testrun, or are just curious: You can now download a copy from the downloads page. Tomorrow we open the server to accept new accounts and login requests."

  • full wall and ceiling system
  • map sorting for objects and players (depth)
  • map layer: chairs
  • sprite layer: custom hair
  • sprite layer: custom boots
  • sprite layer: custom armor
  • sprite layer: hats / maks
  • auto refresh sprite layers
  • server: account signup lock
  • server: game access lock
  • improved client configuration file layout.
  • improved server configuration file layout.
  • more client configuration options, loaders, size etc.
  • fix in sprite pre-render thread
  • fix in launching game with 'nosound' selected
  • serveral base sprites have been edit
  • dunaimic memory loaders use 1 bitmap object
  • fixed double color key bug in the hat/mask layers
  • fixed some minor bugs

23rd November 2003 - testrun results

"The server will stay on a few more hours for those who missed it, the official testrun is over.. Thank you for all who participated and gave suggestions. A few bugs have been found in the client software, nothing too serious. Feel free to post your bugs at the forums.
The test lasted 1 hour and had 13 people online same at the same time. The server consumed 0.39 minutes* of CPU (700Mhz) and 4.91 mb system memmory to serve the full testhour. The bandwidth peek was 30kbs up/down stream (3.75K/sec)."

v.04 November 2003

  • protocol changes in tcp/ip communication
  • addition of 'gloves' item
  • field 'online' to enable the website online player list
  • field player privileges (player,admin,guardian,gm,hgm)
  • server: resets all online fields when launched
  • server: no longer getting a connection overflow
  • client bitmap loaders are stable now.
  • server is protected by serial code, to prevent pirating.
  • mouse on tile position is much better now.
  • fixed the hat transparent problem in 16bit mode.
  • new exit codes to prevent problems with MSN.
  • white rectangles in hat layer are no longer visible.
  • small fix in ini file loaders fixed.
  • chat filters are now working as should.
  • long chat lines will be displayed longer in a baloon.
  • long chat lines will be wrapped in the chat area
  • chat lock will not scroll down when 'locked' anymore

27th November 2003 - development update

"A lot of time have been spend to deal with all known bugs, so we can say 'byebye' to them for good. It looks like the 0.04 client has become a stable, non-problem software product for everyone. A lot of new gfx have been added and will be added for the next comming weeks. Minor server problems also been worked out.
Expect a real-time 'who is online player list' on the website soon, the auto mysql and php script generator is almost finished, this software will allow server-owners to easy setup and secure the database and php scripts with just a few mouse clicks.
A dynamic 'linked' map file format is being researched to reduce a full 255x255 map to only 70 or 80kb, this should be possible with a linked-list and some file compression.. When done the way is clear for the visual offline mapeditor, people (mappers) will be able to easy build and link isometric maps!! :)
As usuall this development stage will take a while, we are building a game but also the whole game and server engine from scratch :P"

28th November 2003 - website intergration

"An experimental real-time 'online player list' is now available, click here to see it in action. Still working on the automatic php generators to make everything as smooth as possible. Also more scripts will be available in time, like top50 players, player character sheets and real-time server status."

29th November 2003 - Website upgrade

"A new menu was needed because the old menu was too small to view all the pages ( our website has grown quite a lot lately ) Also added some real-time game status pages etc.. hope you all like it."

v.05 December 2003

  • quite fast binairy map-file reading / writing.
  • server supports map-file up / downloading.
  • map flags: block, door, chest, chair, warp.
  • map settings : music, enviroment, pk rules.
  • map layer: topwall.
  • optimized packet decoders on server side.
  • optimized sql string constructors on server side.
  • optimized 'for loops' on client side a bit.
  • server is updated with new mysqldac components.
  • improved language filters on client and server side.
  • mouse/tile cursor has become more accurate.

v.06 Unannounced / Unreleased

  • protocol changes tcp/ip: encoded / uncoded packets.
  • auto-update system for new world maps.
  • loading screen while downloading new map.
  • game pop-up messages on client (outside menu)
  • uncoded packets for faster map processing.
  • map name is showed when enter new map.
  • client movement checking, not server-only now.
  • real-time pathfinder on mouse-click, A* math.
  • international keyboard and language support.
  • global & announcement chat ability.
  • exit to menu, on exit button or disconnect.
  • emotions (numpad 1-9 & .)
  • screen refresh (F12)
  • optimized graphic loaders on client side.
  • menu, interface, sprite loaders merged to 1 loader.
  • text messages (string table) moved to a .dat file.
  • optimized movement checking on server.
  • file architecture changed to .edf .emf & .egf.
  • inactive chat tabs highlight when received new text.
  • ALT-F4 command is trapped and ignored.
  • fixed the auto-update map after login sequence.
  • alt-tab black screen fix, surface restore routines.
  • too many open file handles on client are closed now.
  • the pathfinder is synced on a timer, no more jumpy.
  • memory leak fix: in static sprite and map loaders.
  • keyboard buffer overflow, has become more stable.
  • font-size fix, font was showing too big sometimes.
  • ignore zero warp fix: undefined warp did not load.
  • double sit fix: two or more characters on 1 chair.
  • forgot to add BLT_WAIT in tile render sequence.

v.07 Unannounced / Unreleased

  • sprite layer: custom weapon
  • sprite layer: custom shield
  • sprite effect : weapon trail on attack animations.
  • see-through, when standing behind a wall or object.
  • basic npc support: spawn and movement.
  • range checking on npc, to decrease data traffic.
  • dynamic npc surfaces, display tiny & huge npc's.
  • enlarged sprite frames to contain weapons & shield.
  • alphaBlt exception handling unlock surfaces on error.
  • Added surface status and restore in sprite render.
  • Mouse cursor change on action points (chairs etc)
  • Emotions on face are displayed twice as long.
  • fixed server check on sit down / stand up.
  • fixed displaced hat positions in sprite attack frames.
  • fixed wall placement (depth problem large weapons)
  • pathfinder fix, mouse click on chair will find path.
  • pathfinder fix, when standing on edge of map
  • memory exception error fixed (clipper malfunction)
  • fixed npc range packets (out of bound [1] error)

19th December 2003 - Non visible progress

"Lately the website havent been updated many but that doesnt mean we there is no progress, currently all the effort is going to a Character Studio and a Map Studio. This two advanced programs will allow us to develop custom clothes and world maps for the mmrpg"

v.08 Unannounced

  • dynamic npc surface size detection.
  • custom npc size + render placement.
  • player popup menu, when right-click on player.
  • interface: group mode, join/leave/disband group
  • player ignore-list
  • server recoded, count/index byte removed.
  • 'hollow' range checking on server side (bandwidth)
  • npc server speed, freeze npcs on empty maps.
  • support for large map objects. (buildings etc)
  • timered flood protection in chat system.
  • random access violation 0x00010 fixed.
  • dissapearing of self typed chat lines fixed.
  • server npc collision detection.
  • delayed ENTER / send line in chat system.
  • brought back minimum chat line to 1 character.
  • spaces in character names are no more allowed.
  • name-over fix, when over more then one player.
  • overflow/server crash fixed in npc-range packet
  • fixed refresh packet, npc displacement
  • npc crash bug, actually a bug in a tcp/ip packet.
  • NPC data deleted on exit & relog, old npc data.
  • more canvas objects to prevent weird font sizes

9th Febuary 2004 - OMG! we are back

"Yep, we are back and meanwhile we have been working quite hard on the mmrpg project. (see version history) Things can only get better from this point since there is a dedicated server available."

28th Febuary 2004 - Reinforcements

"The artist Laine has joined the team, some of you probably already seen the previews of the shop designed by her, if not you can have a look in the forum."

16th March 2004 - Worm warning

"An email worm called skyNet.32 is faking all kind of email names to mislead people to open a dangerous zip file. Do not open any attached files that appear to come from us, we are not responsible if you do."

v.09 20th March 2004

"The 0.09 client can be downloaded from the downloads page. This version is still limited but we like to test our server with more people connected. The download is about 2,61 MB and will be up for a limited time."

  • map layer: desk counter , to create better shops
  • map layer: blended layer, for shadow, fog, fire etc
  • map warps got level restriction attribute now.
  • full group-system [join, invite, leave, disband..]
  • leader of party can remove any member.
  • movement speed reduced with 15%, prevents some lag.
  • security: checked SQL strings to prevent wildcards.
  • render improvement on large maps, x/y restrictions.
  • server uses less base RAM , 1.2 MB was 3,6 MB before.
  • account creation didnt work, is fixed again.
  • pathfinder jam while standing lower edge of map fixed.
  • group invite didnt work, its fixed again.

23rd March 2004 - Accounts deleted

"The database is completly reset, meaning all accounts and characters are deleted. This had to be done to fix the account creation bug many people complained about. Its all fixed now, if you want to continue testing please re-create your account and characters, thank you.."

8th April 2004 - Alpha testing comming soon

"A lot of changes, improvements and additions have been done to the game. We are still working on fixing some new graphics and coding the new map layer and music systems. When we done we launch the next alpha test (0.10)"

v.10 16th April 2004

"After a short period of closing we open the server again for another testrun! The 0.10 version will show a lot more features then the previous testrun, though we still have no battle systems online. The download is only 3MB, come and join the fun!:)"

  • map layer: overlayed top layer
  • basic music engine: map music triggers.
  • interface: map overview projector
  • interface: drop & drag inventory panel
  • visual itemlayer on the map
  • weapon & shield equipement indications (left corner)
  • AZERTY keyboard support (mode 3)
  • server shutdown sequence (save players first)
  • Right groupbar removed from game interface.
  • Hp/Mp bar indicators removed from lower interface.
  • interface: improved group panel layout'
  • server: less busy signals when logging character.
  • server equiped with packet-flood detect & protection.
  • server equiped with a lag / movement queque.
  • bigger and improved game view area.
  • lower interface changed + interface decoration.
  • mini overlay map improved lay-out.
  • top map layer placement has been changed.
  • double blt's in minimap fixed (c and p tiles)
  • change password bug fixed (up to 16 chars)
  • fixed clipper problems in GameBltAlphaFast()
  • account creation failures are fixed now.
  • mouse click on ristricted warps is ignored now.
  • whisper when private tab focused, fixed
  • sounds will not be heared when minimized game.
  • keyboard will not work when de-activated game.
  • read-error 0x00000008 when exit during intro fixed.

29th April 2004 - Dev Update

"The next step for the project will be items.. The item system is a little bigger then expected so it will take a time to complete this step. The good news is that once we have a fully working item system we can continue on working towards a battle system!.. A few new screenshots have been added to the gallery."

3rd June 2004 - Reinforcements

"You probably already noticed it by the look of new cute website banner... the artist Sakura joined the endless staff, you can expect new and pretty in-game menu screens too!"

v.11 12th June 2004 (Release was skipped to v.12)

"We are working on an advanced graphical item and inventory system that takes us some more time to build. Beside this we have skipped the last version (11) because we felt it was not worth publishing.
The next update will include items, an inventory and a paperdoll system. This update should arrive within the next 1 or 2 months. Beside the items there are a lot more smaller features and new graphics added to the game.
The current version 0.10 will keep running but will not receive any bug fix attention for both client and server."

  • map layer: items
  • eif file support , binairy file i/o
  • client auto-item updater, eif file downloader.
  • mouse hover ( showing name item )
  • server item properties memory map.
  • client item properties memory map.
  • mouse cursor is also detecting items now
  • improved item-sort, 1000+ items on screen = FAST
  • button '@' in account creation, 'cannot type @ bug'
  • MMTimer intervals checked with timestamps, security
  • server improved automatic flood protections.
  • server dataflow security (packet/sec, peek detection)
  • server data packet-size security
  • improved 'hollow' range checking on server side
  • casting is now assigned to the numpad 0 key
  • fix: not showing items, when warping to new map
  • fix: adjusted edit filters for azert keyboard (mode 3)
  • fix: also showing map name on first enter.
  • azert keyboard, m,% fix (mode 3)
  • exit button does not dissapear when loading new map.
  • fix: flood protection, locking for 40 seconds.
  • fix: flood protection, showing warnings in statusbar

27th June 2004 - Aengie is back

"Please welcome Aengie as she came back from the long break :). Aengie is one of the co-founders of Endless, without her this online world would probably not exist. Meanwhile we still working on the next version, which will be another big step towards a real mmrpg."

v.12 11th July 2004

"You can download the new client software from our download page. Have fun :)"

  • interface: endless news panel
  • interface: game options & settings panel
  • interface: paperdoll window
  • item transaction: pick-up, drop, junk items.
  • item usage (warp scrolls, exp scrolls, potions etc)
  • item transaction: equipment and removal of items
  • money / EXP support (up to on character)
  • GUI drop drag item, button and popup message support.
  • GUI drag and drop areas for items.
  • join and welcome messages, controlled by server.
  • guardian and GM indicators in playerlist.
  • X mark on mouse down showing path destination.
  • windows registry key read & write support for inventory.
  • map earthquake effects (from small to heavy quakes)
  • NPC will slowly fade away when it was killed.
  • basic NPC (re)spawn system
  • admin mute controls.
  • money is now always showing in inventory (zero money)
  • numpad is enabled in the menu (0 to 9 & .)
  • redesign and improvement of interface panels.
  • 5 more item props: size, weight, duration, element.
  • online playerlist is sorting on character name.
  • curse filter additions.
  • lagged walk into wall / wall stuck bug has been fixed.
  • chair rotation bug while pressing F12 has been fixed.
  • wrong chat-panel hint msg fixed (character skills)
  • new connection methodes , fixing sync lookup errors.
  • fixed turning on sound/music with no available devices.
  • game can now start with no available sound devices.
  • double received playerlist entries (lagged packet) fix.
  • items visible outside inventory bug is fixed.

17th August 2004 - Download stop

"Thank you all for helping us test 0.12, it appears that new features also cause new problems ( looting, theft and blocking ) We decided to cancel the current downloads untill we have a new and improved version available, so new players can have a more enjoyable game. The next version will fix all the current problems and should arrive within a month."


"Testrun 0.12 is completed, the server is down for maintence and testing."

  • admin channel, admin 2 admins chat
  • client server system messages (packets)
  • npc spawn delay after server (re)start.
  • extra item clean sweep after server (re)start.
  • more controlled server shutdown sequence (delayed)
  • auto (re)positioning, in case a player is too lagged.
  • auto warp / anti blocking timers.
  • clicking on a chatline will whisper to the person.
  • interaction on/off (show grouping, trade requests etc)
  • surface transfer fixes, black or messy graphics.
  • invalid pointer operations on server side fixed.
  • server auto-save fixed (0x0eefade errors / thread bug)
  • crawling with F12 while sitting bug fixed.
  • warping while sitting bug fixed. (sitting after warp)
  • fixed : Fullscreen mode failed on certain computers
  • frozen npc spawns (non moving npcs) fixed.
  • group join / invite failures are now fixed.
  • chatlog now appends lines to the file.

v.14 2nd September 2004

"After a somewhat long maintenence (sorry!) we finally got 0.14 stable and running, you can now download the newest client form the download page."

  • gameserver connection to database has been fixed.
  • safe trade system: trading windows.
  • signs on map are clickable / readable now.
  • chests can be opened now (items spawn inside)
  • doors can be opened and closed.
  • keys to operate chests and doors.
  • drunken mode, speajkinggg cownffuseddd
  • hairdye potions, change hair color.
  • ban/kick for admins, blocks a client for 15 minutes.
  • anti multiclient systems in client and server side.
  • more accurate speedhack checking (faster trigger)
  • protected item drops (anti looting)
  • clicking on a playerlist will whisper to the person.
  • idle timer, removes players longer then 30 min afk.
  • 'your account is already logged on' bug fixed
  • dropping 0 items made the item dissapear.
  • value slider on 0 showed out of the message box.
  • the inventory appeared to delete/duplicate items.
  • item lose, when other player dc in trade session.
  • disabled new trade requests while trading session.
  • sitting movement bug, moving while stting down.
  • exit button is enabled while loading a new map.
  • dissapearing items in chest bug fixed.
  • minor client bugs (external exceptions)
  • trade security glitch fixed.

8th September 2004 - New setup available (optional)

"The new client will probably compiled as a setup and replace the old download. The new setup will only fix some minor problems such as unwanted trade requests, a few error messages and graphical bugs (the blue hair with black box around it).
As endless grows more and more players seem to stay around.. We already had 232 players on at the same time! .. crazy isnt it.."

7th October 2004 - Server disruption - fixed

"The server seems to be fixed... for now, the player limit is set on 150."

20th October 2004 - Endless Radio ?

"Yep! there seems to be an online radio station broadcasting about Endless.. The address of their website is www.endlessradio.com"

24th October 2004 - Dev update

"The new version is getting somewhere now.. Still we have quite some things to do before it is ready to be released. All the features as listed in the version history are up and running and seem to be stable. Still working on 2 more features! those will be item crafting and npc barber shops.. Also we are working hard to improve the overall graphics inside houses. (outside houses will come later.) When the next version is ready to be released is still not sure... When 0.15 release the downloads will also become available again.. Take a look at the gallery there are 2 new screenshots ;)"

31st October 2004 - Dev update

"The last 2 features (crafting and barber shop) are almost finished ! Next week we continue to add the last additional graphics and maps. The new version will arrive somewhere November.. The exact date is still not sure."

4th November 2004 - Server distuption - fixed

"Another server disruption caused Endless to be down for 2 days, this time the connection into the datacentre was broken but appears to be fixed now."

v.15 12th November 2004 (v.15b on 29th)

"The server will go down for a short while to update the gameserver to the newest version, if all goes well the new version should be downloadable from the website within the next 2 hours.
A new version of Endless (0.15) is running on the gameserver, you can now download the newest client form the download page."

  • client and server EXE protection.
  • server software fully patched with stable uptime.
  • enf, edf & esf file support , binairy file i/o
  • additional client setup (config) program included.
  • mouse hover ( showing npc name)
  • managed friend & ignore lists.
  • private item stash / locker objects added.
  • npc item crafting (create items)
  • npc bank (withdraw/desposit money)
  • npc shops (buy/sell items)
  • npc barbers (buy new haircut)
  • ground (tiles) can be animated.
  • npcs can (random) talk now.
  • global and admin channels set to admin only.
  • added chattab for a new global chat channel :)
  • security: login will be disabled after 3 tries.
  • security: client EXE structure + encryption.
  • extra confirmation on trade OK button.
  • delay after deleting an item from trade.
  • item drag abort when other player close trade.
  • listbox enhanced with (alpha blend) hilights.
  • additional information popups on overweight.
  • autosave SQL will send only needed update fields.
  • autoaction on walking into chest,door,locker or chair.
  • minimap edges fix + friendly/hostile npc indications.
  • friendlist quick whisper (left click on name)
  • friendlist hilights online friends.
  • playerlist filter button.
  • item out of bound/disappearing item bug fixed.
  • system chat empty line (pointer) bug fixed.
  • sorting alike names in playerlist bug fixed.
  • changing boots (not updating on screen) bug fixed.
  • empty text balloon bug fixed (on some pc's only)
  • proper weight update after trading items.
  • trading gold will now update properly.
  • attack chair bug fixed.

13th November 2004 - Server overload

"The unexpected high ammount of traffic seems to be more then this (rather small) server can handle. Its probably because we all tried to download and login at once. The server is up and running again lets hope it goes better now. Meanwhile I am looking for a solution.."

25th November 2004 - Server reinforcement

"Aengie and Vult-r have purchased a second hi-speed Endless server which will be entirely for hosting the game. The new server has a lot more capacity then our current server! The server is being setup at the moment, when its ready everyone have to download new client software to connect to the new server."

27th November 2004 - Reinforcements

"Chaos a musician from England has joined the team. He will be replacing and improving all music in Endless Online."

29th November 2004 - New server on the way

"The new server is currently getting a firewall installed and should be up real soon. Everyone will have to re-download the new client (15b) to be able to play on the new server."

3rd December 2004 New downloads!

"Everyone needs to download a new copy of Endless to play on the new server. Also you will gain a couple of more new and improved gameplay features!"

28th December 2004 - Server spikes

"The server connection is a bit disrupted today, this might result in a unstable connection. No data will get lost, simly relogging your character will get you going again. Sorry for the inconvience."

1th January 2005 - Happy Newyear!

"The Endless staff wishes you all a wonderfull new year! The server has been rebooted for back-ups and maintanance. The citizens of Endless are amazed how all the christmas hats mysteriously dissapeared ;)"

6th January 2005 - Guilds are comming!

"We are proud to announce that the new version of Endless will arrive in 1 to 2 weeks. The new version has guild features installed together with a few other features. You can download it from our website soon."

15th January 2005 - Server maintenence

"The server will go down for a unknown time to update the gameserver to the newest version. Keep checking this page for more info soon."

v.16 16th January 2005

"Everyone upgrade to 0.16 to be able to connect to the gameserver !! you can download the client here."

  • npc guilds (create,join,leave guild)
  • generated page for website : top 100 guild list
  • minimap layout system, hide/show.
  • cave wall system, for realistic cave structures.
  • server and client speedhack checking.
  • admin commands : jail player, warp to map
  • item addition : effect potions
  • layer improvements : animated wall & objects.
  • guild chat channel, chat to online guild members.
  • added a guild memberlist lookup option.
  • playerlist filter for online guild members.
  • paperdoll mouse-over showing item names.

18th January 2005 - server downtime

"I am currently 180 emails delayed in my response because im getting too many questions, i try to answer you all but it might take me a while..
The server is still down because of unknown reasons. The current problems are not the result of a malfunction in my server sourcecode or the database. The server suddenly stopped working and never came back online since that moment. Also this hosting company and its datacentre are still not responding my questions so the reason is still unknown im affraid.
If you see the 'could not find server' message its because our server is down and not because there is something wrong with your own computer, more info follows once i know more."

26th January 2005 - Endless mistreated

"EndlessOnline has been mistreated by a certain hosting 'companies'. Aengie and Vult-r are at risk of losing almost $800. EndlessOnline is a free game, with no advertisements or donations, this loss of funds will have a deep inpact on all players.
The current gameserver has already been re-formatted by a heartless datacentre without any notice, we have some backups but ofcourse there will be data-loss
We are struggled in some debate with the datacentre and the hosting company but so far it doesnt seem we will ever be refunded. Even though we only request half our money back to setup a temporary server and stop Endless from bleeding.
Its just sad that certain people mistreated a totally free game, developed by people with a certain dream... They really not care how much they have hurt us and all players who believed in Endless.
We are in a final and critical fase of claiming a refund, if this fails we will publish the whole story including names of all responsible for this tragidy, because we think all players deserve a explaination.
Keep the faith, vult-r and aengie."

3rd March 2005 - Endless re-start

"We are going to give the emergency rpg server a try, please all download the latest version to connect. We are falling back on a much smaller server so dont expect too much, there will be lag and capicity problems soon. Meanwhile we are still after the person that took our money, only then we can restore Endless how it used to be."

12th March 2005 - Server update

"In case you see a 'could not find server' message its not because the gameserver is down. Our current gameserver is a little too small to carry all players and is sometimes refusing new connections. The gameserver is running for more then 180 hours and is online 24x7. For now, the best thing to do is keep trying.."


  • new website and forum design
  • visual magic systems, for players and npcs.
  • sprite layer: resting / sitting down.
  • sprite layer: archer attack.
  • game bars for Hp, Mp, Sp and Tnl.
  • speedhack should not detect minor lag anymore.
  • archery range in arena fixed.

v.18 1st April 2005

"We have a new updated the gameserver to the newest version, everyone needs to download a new copy to continue playing."

  • layer: damage & hitpoint indications.
  • hitpoints: npc can take damage.
  • hitpoints: players can take damage.
  • hitpoint regeneration (every 2 minutes)
  • battle system: players can die / death .
  • battle system: exp / tnl / level up system.
  • battle system: simple AI attack patterns.
  • social: partner / marriage system.
  • item effect: HP potion healing.
  • render-on-demand engine (fast sprite render engine)
  • server priority login system.
  • server busy message after loading game fixed.
  • bow 'shoot through wall' fixed.

2nd April 2005 - Top100

"The new level system will rank the best 100 players on level and exp, because of this previous top100 players that have not played Endless yet can no longer show up in the list. In that case please log on to Endless and kill a couple of monsters untill the exp and level are synced again. Your name should be back in the list by then :)"

29th April 2005 - Happy birthday Sakura

"Today is Sakurakurs birthday and we all wish her a happy birthday. And while your at it pay a visit on her site www.sakura02.com"

v.19 1st May 2005

"We have a new updated the gameserver to the newest version, everyone needs to download a new copy to continue playing."

  • message (town) boards.
  • jukebox objects / change music.
  • new movements for jumping and water.
  • item types: lore , cursed , cure.
  • screenshot browser module.
  • irc module.
  • advanced EXP screen, deep inside exp info.
  • anti-block, pass-through code (keep moving into player)
  • jail isolation, no more global talk / drop or trading.
  • guild name can contain up to 24 characters now.
  • improved configuration module.
  • faster player/npc sort.
  • TNL now properly showed in status panel.
  • craft items are showing gender now.
  • sound/music config bug fixed.

16th May 2005 - Update

"We made a new client 0.19B, an updated version with more added features. All the old 0.19A clients should update to this new version. We are currently moving Endless Online to another network carrier, once this is completed we will release the newest client so everyone can play our RPG again."

20th May 2005 - We are back!!

"Dear endless players,
We got the website back online again but the sad news is that we are temporary unable to run the gameserver due to current circumstances. We have quite a few problems lately that makes it impossible to continue.
We hope you all will still support and believe in Endless. We are truely sorry for all the trouble this is causing.
We made a new client 0.19B, an updated version with more added features. All the old 0.19A clients should update to this new version.
We are currently moving Endless Online to another network carrier, once this is completed we will release the newest client so everyone can play our RPG again.
We are back with a new gameserver AND a new client 0.19b! You can download our new client now from our download page. Thank you all for your patience and support."

27th May 2005 - HTTP download restored

"We have added a second download location on the download page! Appearently the FTP download did not have enough bandwidth to send all requests. With the new download location this should be solved."

29th May 2005 - Small update

"We have released a small update today. It contains a new EXP-performance window, and some minor fixes. If you want you can donwload the 19C client / patch from the download page.
The gameserver will be rebooted at 200 hours uptime (server page). The server will be down approx. 5-10 minutes for maintenence and testing."

1st June 2005 - Happy birthday Rexor

"Rexor, a staff member of Endless has become 20 today! We all wish him a very Happy Birthday!"

v.20 28th June 2005

"The new update v20 is released. It is a smaller update fixing all known trade / arena / item drop issues. It also contain new areas, monsters, and some other gfx upgrades."

  • dls, esf file support , binairy file i/o
  • anti idle / idle indication system
  • midnight crash bug fixed.
  • server reporting it is full (too many connections)
  • drop steal protections, F12 & double drop fix
  • language filter now work on townboards
  • unlore/chest bug fixed.
  • better tuned speedhack filters
  • item duplication bug fixed
  • guild description bug fixed

2nd July 2005 - Happy birthday Arvid

"We all wish our best artist, Arvid a happy birthday. be sure to buy a celebrate potion in case you see him :P"

27th July 2005 - server is back online

"After a some server problems its finally back online! The server was down for 1 day due technical troubles, but everyone should be able to login on the server now."

22nd August 2005 - Reminder

"A small reminder to the players: Please keep your game and forum password(s) safe, do not share your password with other people. Even the Endless Online staff has no need to know your password."

2nd September 2005 - Webserver upgrade

"We are upgrading the webserver RAM and CPU to boost forum performance. The game-update is taking us a little bit longer, this is because the complexity of the new features that we are developing."

v.21 17th September 2005

"The new update v21 is released. The update contains magic, group exp and new areas. As always you can download the client from the download page"

  • interface: magic managment panel
  • interface: skill managment panel
  • hotkey bind system added [f1-f8+shift]
  • targeting system (self,target,group,area)
  • music instrument class
  • log: EXP points logged in SYS tab.
  • log: dropped item name logged in SYS tab.
  • TP is used in game now
  • SP is used in game now
  • share EXP (group mode)
  • drop steal fix

21st September 2005 - Update

"Now that we have a magic/skill system working the next step should be a new NPC type to train/learn new spells. Also we will continue working on a better EXP / STATS system to make the skills more intresting.
Right now we are busy with improving the town graphics, by adding more pixel details to houses etc. We are also looking further into the server code to hopefully recode it with more performance (= more players)"

5th October 2005 - Hurricane Rita

"The facility were EndlessOnline is hosted was hit by hurricane Rita which caused some downtime for our server the past week. The guys from the datacentre worked hard and our server should be running stable from now on. Click here for more information about the datacentre that hosts our services."

20th November 2005 - Reminder

"This is a friendly reminder to all our players. Please keep your account password safe. Never share your password with a friend, or even the endless staff. Do not use any website or program that is asking for your account password."

2nd December 2005 - Update

"A graphic and bugfix release will be launched soon. It will contain only minor but interesting game additions. Meanwhile vult is busy breaking down the gameserver source codes, to recode them more efficient, which is hopefully going to improve both server performance and capacity. Aengie"

v.22 4th December 2005

"A new update v22 is ready for download. The update contains new weapons, graphics and bugfixes. Everyone should download the client from the download page.
On Aeven square you can find the christmas tree and buy your own cristmas hat (see screenshot)
Merry Christmas the endless online staff"

  • Release of the advanced server software.
  • mouse wheel support in client.
  • clipboard paste support in chat system.
  • New randomized menu layout system.
  • integrated arena system, private combat.
  • improved server side coding (speed)
  • server database cache systems (speed)
  • delete screenshot button in screen viewer.
  • prefetched characters names in eo-irc.
  • disconnection message are showing again.
  • junk button fixed, deleted old item on click.
  • xp large window header, in window mode fixed.

9th Decemeber 2005 - Wallpaper update

"A new EndlessOnline wallpaper has been added to our wallpaper collection. You can view and download the wallpapers from the wallpaper page. Sakura"

29th December 2005 - Update

"The new server software is getting more stable every day. Thanks to the massive support we have from our players, the server has reached over 600 players online. Hopefully Endless Online is still going strong in 2006."

9th January 2006 - Important notice for all players

"The datacentre that is hosting our services has fall apart, because it was struck by Hurricane Rita on September 23rd, 2005. This is really bad news Endless Online as by the end of the week all servers are going down. I am trying my best to make an emergency plan to shift the netwerk domain, forum, website, mail, gameserver etc. As i have very little time its possible that we go offline for a while :(
I am not sure if you guys read this but i want to thank my datacentre for the good hosting they provided all this years and i hope you guys are ok. Vult-r"

13th January 2006

"Most of the data have been moved away from the old server, all your characters data is safely on backups. Because the game suffered a lot of lagspikes lately I did some load balancing on the new server to better coop with the huge concentration of traffic that is driven into it, the game is running stable at 450 players now.. I am currently trying to find myself another server to bring things back to normal. Vult-r"

v.23 2nd Febuary 2006

"The new alpha version v23 is released. The update contains magic, group exp and new areas. As always you can download the client from the download page"

  • Arena protocol support + kill counters.
  • Menu layout changes.
  • Server packet hardening, increased security.
  • Auto Admin HD/MAC ban routines.
  • Auto Speed detection intervals.
  • Admin move through player movement.
  • Whisper ignore system on server side.
  • menu fix for deleting the third character.
  • server memmory leak fixes.

14th March 2006 - Contest

Forum post April 1st Joke Winners Real Winners

"Due to the success of the last drawing contest, Mizzy is holding another drawing contest. New round, new chances, and a great opportunity to win great prizes. for more information about the contest here"

v.24 26th March 2006

"We have released the new v24 version that will bring basic stat support, marriages and new npc behaviour. The full list of features can be found on the version history page. You can download the new client from the download page"

  • Server database i/o on seperate thread.
  • Server thread synchronizing buffers.
  • Stat points + custin stat points distribution.
  • Skill points + custom skill distribution.
  • Hp/mp/so progression + dynamic bonus system.
  • Priest npc type, to perform marriage ceremony.
  • Law npc type, to change registration status.
  • Learn npc type, learn new skills.
  • Npc parent/child behaviour added.
  • interface: Help menu added.
  • Map position and SP memory security checking.
  • 100% cpu fix, cpu-friendly render timer.
  • security warnings at login added (random tip)
  • softpad login system, to stop keyloggers.
  • Admin peek skills added, to help players better
  • Stat reset option added.
  • D/C while loading game fixed (loading forever)
  • Change character while loading game fixed.
  • Blocktransfer mode didnt show special effects (fixed)
  • Memory check routines (anti tsearch)

2nd April 2006 - V24 update

"By popular demand we have developed a version upgrade which offer the possibility to reset all used stat and skills points. New and existing users are free to download the new setup from our download page"

7th May 2006 - Webstats temporary disabled

"With a new database thread running on the gameserver we reached over 900 players online. To keep it running so smooth the webstats need some recoding as well. As soon as its done the stats will be showing up to date stats again."

20th May 2006 - Database threading

"I have been working quite hard lately on recoding the Endless server code. My idea was to remove all database i/o operations from the game logic loop and place them in their own execution thread. This could reduce the lag that we experience with 800+ connections. I was a bit nervous to run the first binairies on the test server, after all i putted many days work into this new code, and it would be a big waste to see it crash. At this moment the test server has been running for 12 hours quite steady. Thats not bad considering that this is the first test run. Its a big relieve that everything seems to be ok. Lets hope the new code is really going to improve most of the lag issues. I will probably find out in a few days when i launch the new server on the 800+ main server."

25th May 2006 - Webstats enabled

"The webstats running again, only have to patch out a few glitches like the 36434 server uptime. Also the gameserver is now able to carry 900 players at the same time -vult-r"

28th May 2006 - Server trouble

"After applying a very small update on the gameserver the whole thing failed on me. And soon i was caught up in a situation with hunderds of errors, and evil server crashes. After many reboots and blind fixes it suddenly became stable again.. This kind of things are really causing me a headache. Maybe there is a problem with the server RAM or something, but its not worth looking into, because there will be a new server anyway."

15th June 2006 - New gameserver IP:

"You have to change the gameserver IP to to continue playing, all your items/exp are savely transfered and waiting for you on the new server."

v.25 9th July 2006

"This release is a mandatory upgrade, so everyone has to download and install this version. You can find new features, maps, monsters and items in the new version. Please visit the download page to download your copy today :)"

  • Playable instruments (skill)
  • Santuary/citizenship system added.
  • Name of spell shows above caster.
  • Advanced spell render code.
  • Special Wings layer on character.
  • Extra character race layers (orc,panda,skeleton)
  • Dynamic map SFX hotspots (waterfalls,lava etc)
  • Drop steal protection added (server-side)
  • Bug fixes on skill interface panel.
  • Extra chat tab for party/guild communications.
  • Reduced global chat bandwidth, data on demand.
  • Spell panel select/click bug fixed.
  • Chinese-skin hat attack bug fixed.
  • Doorkey glitch bug fixed.
  • Craft overweight bug fixed.
  • Effect potion bug fixed.

25th August 2006 - Forum is back

"Most of you probably noticed some guy sausage managed to hack into the Endless Online forum. I never really maintained the phpbb script, because i lacked the time to upgrade the countless versions of phpbb. It took me a full week of porting over the layout, database and other stuff. This week I been rather busy working on a problem in some realtime video/audio intercom-software (something i do for my job), so I feared it would take me a while to recover the forums, but it only took a week :P Now that the forums are fixed I can continue coding on the quest/script engine for EO. Its already loading and parsing the script files. I am planning to support some basic events and actions for it first, and experiment with that in a new version of Endless Online."

28th September 2006 - Server crash

"Just when i planned releasing a new version of Endless Online (mmorpg) the testserver crashed about 5 times.. Major dissapointment, being so close and yet so far away.. Now that the server is clearly not stable enough i have to find out whats wrong before this thing can run on the main server.. Lets hope i can solve this one soon."

29th September 2006 - Reminder

"Please change your password once in a while, so its harder for anyone to guess your password. This will help keeping your account safe."

5th October 2006 - Update

"The new version (V26) is going well so far. We added new maps, and even a several full quests that are being tested at the moment. A minor problem has showed up with mixing multple quests (yes in EO you can start multiple quests at once) Vult-r is trying to make a patch for it. In the meanwhile we are trying to add a few more quests to the game as well. Please check out this website daily, we will let you know when V26 is ready and available for download!"

v.26 7th October 2006 (v.26b on 15th)

"The long awaited update has finally released, please all download your copy of v26, this version is also needed to be able to connect to the gameserver, as older clients will no longer be able to login. After 1380+ hours of uptime V25 proved to be stable, lets hope this new version is going to be the same!"

  • EO quest engine implemented (eo+ engine)
  • Character book information window added.
  • Character classes system/tree (warrior, priest, mage etc)
  • Script loader/parser, loading of script files.
  • Script interpreter, script execution in gameserver.
  • Storing quest progress per character in database.
  • Hp/Mp drain map (poison air map)
  • Spike tiles / trapped tiles
  • Interface improvements and layout improvements.
  • Quest progress popup, to track your active quests.
  • Protected gfx resources from being altered/imported.
  • Reduced client discspace by 80% (120MB -> 17MB)
  • Random npc spawning fixed, auto-click fix.
  • Semi blend fix (stretching blt's)
  • Better anti-speed detection
  • Drop/trade while being into jail fix
  • Player drop steal fix
  • Arena wait-line cut fix

15th October 2006 - v26/B notice

"There is a new version uploaded on the website, this setup will not add any new features, and is not needed to install. However if you experience black tiles, or missing graphics in the game this patch might finally fix it. Please give me some feedback on the forums (general discussion) - Vult-r"

20th October 2006 - New quests added

"Deep inside the eastern swamps lives Serf, his brothers were cursed by the evil Apozen, can you safe them? Also a maze master has appeared in the imperial castle, if you can solve his maze he will reward you."

22nd October 2006 - New quest added

"Things have gone terribly wrong in the factory, located at the dizzy desert, deep under ground.. As a result hordes of robots have began to kill everything in sight. Can you help the co-workers to get the main reactor stable again?"

6th November 2006 - Dev update

"In an attempt to make the current battle systems a lot more intresting we have been adding full stats to all items, class-depending bonuses, and a full elemental system. Also the group system and killprotect code will be fully recoded to garantee more safety for our players. Balancing the current items/npcs will take a while, but the result will be worth it."

12th November 2006 - Dev update

"A full npc kill-steal (kill lock) protection routine was added and tested successfully. Right now we are trying to improve all npcs with some better scan/movement routines. When this is done we can run a few tests with the new client on the test server."

19th November 2006 - Dev update

"The latest progress on the engine is the addition of equipable arrows (for archers) and a fixed group system where the health of each member is updated on screen. Next thing on the list is a casting delay system for all wizards (depending on spell)"

1st December 2006 - Its the december time again!

"Another year passed, and the best month of the year has started! Endless online has done great this year, thanks to the support of all our players.
V 0.27 Development news: The engine coding is completed, if all goes well we expect to do a test-run on the testserver within a week. More information can be found on the EO test outpost
Have a good time everyone! The EO team"

15th December 2006 - New Endless Online

"After weeks of working it looks like another version of Endless Online is ready to go public. Unfortunatly we came to the conclusion that re-balancing the total world was a step to far. Instead we semi-balanced the world to something acceptable. In fact i just wrote a script that auto calculated all the stats of the npcs/items etc… We probably start to re-design the items + maps for the next version, which may take us a while. I thought the best thing to do is just enable all new features and release what we got so far. This way the waiting is a litle shorter and meanwhile all new features will get throughly tested. The new battle system looks promising, cant wait to see it fully come into action when everything is in balance. For v0.27 its important to buy all accessable items such as BELT, NECKLAGES, RINGS to get strong enough to fight the npcs in your range. Some items such as twinblade and other rare drops have a little extra stats, to keep things fair."

v.27 16th December 2006 (v.27b on 12th Febuary 2007)

"We released a new version 0.27, this version has the new battle system, a pk zone, ks protection, and some other addon features you can read here. Also the spawn rate of all monsters has been speeded up with 25%.
Instead of balancing the whole world, we just released this version semi-balanced. This way we avoid the long wait on a newer verson, and also all new features are fully tested while we can continue balancing all the items :)
The new client is needed to continue playing, you can download the latest client here."

  • More complete battle system, depending on stats and items.
  • Basic item stats, +dam +dod +hit +ac, hp/mp, stats
  • Elemental system adding light/dark, fire,water,air and earth.
  • Attack and melee bonus for firstblow and backside weakness.
  • Kill lock/steal protection , finally working properly!
  • Arrow items type (need to equipe visible arrows to use bow)
  • Upgradable locker storage capacity (to 60max)
  • PK (player vs player) map type added.
  • Inner group member health updates (health bars)
  • Dynamic casting delay system (blinking text)
  • Boss types can be set to non killsteal protected.
  • Find and Loc commands, for easy data lookups.
  • Minor group glitches fixed (ghost groups, double joins etc)

31st December 2006 - Happy Newyear

"The Endless staff wishes you all a wonderfull new year! We got some big plans to work further towards a complete mmorpg, we think we getting real close! Lets wait and see what the new year will bring :)"

12th February 2007 - 27B notice

"Now that the issues with the server are solved we have been working on a minor version. The new 27B client is good news for all item collectors, because it will make the locker capacity upgradable! Talk to the bank bob to buy more storage units (sold per 5). To get this new feature you have to download the latest client from this website (version 27b)"

19th February 2007 - Map updates / locker status

"The previous locker patch didnt run very well, the database started causing problems and i we had to do a small rollback (16 hours) At this moment im still trying to figure out why it happened, so hopefully we can still upgrade locker space any time soon. Also because business is going well for the aeven bank, it has been expanded to two banks, hopefully the map will be less crowded from now on:) -vult"

23rd March 2007 Top100 Fixed

"The top100 players and guilds have been fixed, there were some speed issues with our growing database which have been solved now. Also some new maps are added to the world, one of them is an abondoned warehouse, located under Aeven's Grocery shop."

6th May 2007 - Reminder

If you play numerous games online, including Endless Online, do not use the same passwords on them.
Also, it is suggested that you change your password right now, and keep doing this regularly, or, at the least, choose one that cannot be guessed by anyone, family members included. In order to change your password you have to login to the game, and press on the 'password' button' below your three characters. Also make sure you remember your new password.
This may very well save everyone a lot of trouble in the future, changing your password is strongly adviced.

v.28 18th August 2007

"It tooks a bit.. but its finally here, v28 the new version with more maps, items, monsters and quests to explore! You need the latest client to connect to get gameserver and you can download it on the Download page"

  • Barber range fix (invisible bug)
  • Unlimited buy items bug fixed.
  • Slow queries removed from gameserver.
  • Character filter on guild tag/names.

21st August 2007 - Server maintainance

"Today (21 august) the main game-server will be taken offline and re-wired on the network. The server will go offline at 1:00PM (GMT-8 pacific time) the downtime will not be longer then 5 minutes only."

8th December 2007 - Another year

And another year went by, although 2007 brought less updates then usual it had it's good points. Who knows what 2008 will bring to Endless Online! We want to thank all players for playing and supporting Endless Online.
Happy holidays
The EO team

18th May 2008 - Server Move

"We be moving the game server, test server and forum to new servers soon (monday-thusday) because of this there will be some downtime, and a change of IP, if you are using game.endless-online.com to connect to our server there should be no problems! More info to come soon."

19th May 2008 - Maintenance

"The current server maintenance will take approx 4-8 hours. The new server Ip will be You do not have to change any settings if you are using game.endless-online.com to connect."

15th February 2009 - Reboots

"Some might have noticed a lot of reboots lately.. Dont worry there is nothing wrong, we have done some upgrades on the OS of the server, to keep things up to date."

25th March 2009 Server Migration

"Ignore this announcement if you are using 'game.endless-online.com' to connect. In all other cases the new server IP is :"

26th November 2009 - Servers are back online

"Both the main and test game servers are fully running again and have been down for approximately two days. Sorry for the inconvienence this might have caused you."

21st March 2011 - Character reset

"Unfortunately the database table has been corrupted with duplicated records beyond repair. All character data have been reset to repair the game, sorry for the inconvenience."

30th July 2011 - Low level quests update

"New quests been added in the Aeven town area. The new quests will be covering a complete leveling path up to level 10, for the new players."

July 2015 - BUYVM.NET aka frantech gave away the server.

"The server was compromised. By hackers? no: Basically the hosting company BUYVM.NET gave the account and server to a complete stranger claiming it with a GMAIL account. How silly is that? :) EO database was destroyed, and EO probably will be down for a while, you can contact this idiot here: cboas@frantech.ca"

Auguest 2015 - To the community

"Please change your password for other online services in case you are using the same password as you did in Endless Online. As you all know the database of this game (and all passwords inside) were compromised. It's still unbelievable for me knowing that this critical access was just handed over by BUYVM.NET to people with bad intentions. EO will be down for now."

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