Endless Online 0.4.20 : Dev Post D-014
Maintenance update / Discovery Moonmurks

Dev Post:

About: Server Diagnostics
With the migration to Windows 2022 Server complete, we're now focusing on evaluating the server's performance. Some players have reported encountering high lag and disconnections during specific times of the day.

To tackle this issue, we've integrated various tools and logging features into EOS to track and notify us of any connection problems. These tools encompass real-time runtime averages within the game, file logging, and ping alerts. Presently, we're in the process of collecting and analyzing the data to grasp the situation better. Additionally, we're engaging in active testing of the game ourselves to accumulate more insights each day.

About: Discovery Moonmurks.
'' The frog lair is extremely poisonous ''

The evacuation team inside the Moonmurk swamp is still unsuccessful in their search for Susan, but they recently stumbled upon an ancient temple. Inside, there appears to be a strange frog, but the lair is so poisonous that the exploration team had to be evacuated as well. Only the toughest players are up for this task.

  • new rare bow drop
  • new corrupted core drop
  • new hat drop

About: New sealiner
'' New continent introduction ''

Nevertheless, the 10th travel destination released this patch: We welcome all players to test the first landing maps of the new "Waku Wilds," featuring brand new jungle graphics. The water cave will eventually connect the continent to even deeper lands in the future. Who knows what's there?

The boat ticket to Waku Wilds is free, so players can help us review the maps. Sealiner 106 at Aeven Port welcomes you aboard!

About: Known issues
Currently known issues to address are:
  • Database connection loss (critical-error)
  • Periods of player lag/disconnections
  • Npc spawning out of bound
  • Npc range issues
  • Swamp tree clip errors

Maintenance update 4.20 is expected to launch this weekend (around FRIDAY 8th or SATURDAY March 9th)
We thank all contributors and players for their support of Endless Online.

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