Endless Online 0.4.19 : Dev Post D-013
Maintenance update

Dev Post:

About: Summary
The new NPC code appears stable, with several minor map and spawn issues having been fixed along the way. This is good news because the server can now spawn and track new NPCs on every channel/instance, which is one of the necessary preparations for full dungeon instances. Progress has been made toward the current goal: a new dungeon system, but it still requires further work. Additionally, the Josand Desert has been expanded with additional maps, stories, shops, quests, and items.
About: Dungeon System Progress ( in development )
'' Dungeon System progress ''

The backend (pub studio) has been expanded with new menus and file formats to store the general data that the server needs to be able to spawn dungeon areas.
Progress is nice so far, but the entire system is going to take some more time to create.

* the generic dungeon spawn system is going to need more time to complete

About: Expansion Josand Desert
'' More stories from the desert ''

Both Josand Town and Market are now bustling with NPCs selling various goods, including the new sand jewel set, raider gloves and belt, and a fresh shield and weapon (non-core). Additionally, three new quests have been added, focusing on addressing sandstorm damage, coping with dry weather, and resolving issues faced by Shabby, the prominent Mayor of Josand. Further expansions of the Josand desert will introduce more storylines featuring Shabby.
  • sand jewel set
  • raider belt and gloves
  • new shield and sword
  • new maps, new quests
*The trip to Josand (Sealiner 101) will remain free of charge for now.

About: Development plan
We aim to continue working quietly to get the dungeon map spawn/despawn engine up and running. When this is accomplished, we can expect new dungeon features like towers, regular dungeons, and boss-type dungeons. Simultaneously, we'll add more content and expand into new areas of the world to make a featured game world for both new and existing players. In terms of content, it seems logical to try expanding the swamp or creating a new Jungle continent next.
About: Summary
Update 4.19 brings expansion and some new things to the world:
  • New Josand maps, quests, items, npcs
  • Dungeon systems progress (backend)
  • New global chat TOS system
  • New global chat friendly reminder system
  • New global chat moderation tools

Maintenance update 4.19 is expected to launch this weekend (around FRIDAY 23th or SATURDAY February 24th)
We thank all contributors and players for their support of Endless Online.

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