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Maintenance update

Dev Post:

About: Summary
After encountering minor compiler issues, the previous update (v4.17) was successfully launched, packed with a lot of content, as well as additional weapon balancing to properly balance all core weapons. The first new pets and instruments from the introduced daily quests will likely start showing up in this, and the upcoming, weeks.

This next update will fall a little short compared to the last three patches; nevertheless, significant progress was still made.

The upcoming patch 4.18 will address some backlogged NPC code fixes, which unfortunately aren't visible but are crucial steps toward implementing future systems for maps, quests, dungeons, etc. All these numerous changes to the channel and NPC spawn code need thorough testing, and you are all assisting in testing the new server code by simply playing the game. The idea is to progress toward a new dungeon system once this new npc servercode is considered stable. This system would enable players to reserve one or more maps for a private dungeon instance, where custom NPCs can spawn exclusively for them.

The glitch that allowed bosses to respawn within 50 seconds has been fixed. Additionally, the general boss spawn time has been reduced to 90 seconds*, so everyone can experience fast boss respawns from now on.

After voting on globalchat, everyone will enjoy boss respawns in ~90 seconds from now on.
About: Josand Introduction
'' Josand Introduction ''

The forthcoming continent to be reintroduced is Josand, also known as the Dizzy Desert. This region is notable for its intricate yet inconsistent maps, deep orange sand color, vernycil riding gnomes, rocky terrain, and the enigmatic hidden factory.

Initially, our focus is on revamping the port map and establishing a central hub. It seemed fitting to introduce a new town to this continent, a feature never before seen in this area. Previously, travelers would venture to Aeven Port via the upper/right path. Therefore, utilizing Sealiner 101 as the primary sealiner for this fresh destination makes perfect sense. Furthermore, Josand will undergo further expansion with additional maps, npcs and quests in the foreseeable future.

* The Josand sealiner will be free of charge while the continent is undergoing its initial development.

About: Artist Tooling
'' Development on the background ''

Not only do game developers need to create the game itself, but they also need to make tools to help them build and manage the game. These tools, called 'tooling,' take time to develop. They help developers with tasks like designing levels, adding characters, and fixing bugs. So, when we talk about creating an online game. It's not just the game you play, it's also about the tools that make it possible.

* Brand new gfx animation tool in development

About: Anti automatic measures
'' Anti automatic measures ''

Online game servers often face automated players, known as bots. To minimize the impact on real players, many countermeasures have been created and implemented. However, developing these solutions takes time. One such measure is the server's ability to detect and take action against detected players automatically. This can include slowing down or limiting gameplay to ensure that the player's owner is present at all times.

* The server automatically detects automated behavior and takes temporary or permanent anti-measures aimed at the individual player.

About: Valentine Suprise
Update 4.18 will also feature support for a special Valentine's Day surprise on February 14th. Stay tuned.
About: Summary
Update 4.18 brings wide improvements to various aspect of the current game world:
  • Testing new npc/channel servercode.
  • Core weapon balanced.
  • Boss spawn reduced to 90* seconds.
  • Pub format changes.
  • Class preview fixed
  • Quest fixes
  • New animation tool
  • New continent (Josand)
  • New npcs, gfx, etc

Maintenance update 4.18 is expected to launch this weekend (around SATURDAY February 10th)
Thanks for playing Endless Online!

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