Endless Online 0.4.17 : Dev Post D-011
Feature-rich world expansion

Dev Post:

About: More items, more features
Version 0.16 focuses on improving the potential of previously deployed systems. The daily quest system has been enhanced to reintroduce musical instruments and unlock new buddy sprite layers. This enables testing the ability to adorn oneself with one or even two buddies without sacrificing the shield appearance. Multiple maps have been expanded to accommodate all new shops, crafts, features, items and streamline their interactions. Read more below.

About: Daily Quest | For The Music
'' Oh no, I was writing a masterpiece, but the wind blew all my notes into the water! ''

The bard was composing his latest masterpiece, but the whims of the wind disrupted his plans. Can you apply your fishing skills to recover the notes for the bard? This new daily quest is the new lightweight path to unlock the Harp, Guitar, and a fresh addition, the Saxophone.

The daily music quest will reward players with their own instruments.

About: Daily Quest | Making Buddies

'' Thank you for accepting our job. These adorable buddies have quite an appetite! ''

The recently opened Buddy Care Center (*details to follow) is sharing daily tasks for crafting buddy food to feed all the hungry buddies. By completing these jobs, you earn a buddy coin that unlocks your very own buddy in the course of a few days. The enhanced buddy system lets you wear two new graphic layers without sacrificing the shield layer. Currently, you can unlock the bird on your shoulder and the cute black cat beside you.

The daily buddy quest will reward players with their own cosmetic buddies.
About: Hub expansion
To accommodate the increasing number of features, shops, options, and crafts within the Aeven Hub, creative solutions were implemented to optimize space. For example, a decision was made to consolidate the boots, belts, and hat shop into a single building, freeing up one shop in the upper/left corner of Aeven for potential future expansion and making that area of Aeven town more interesting, as it appears to be an unpopular corner of the town..

A new library and buddy care center have been introduced in Aeven Outlet, positioned between Greenlake and Aeven itself, facilitating the expansion of the bustling piggy farm. Additionally, the core master now has assistance for the core merger, which has returned to Aeven to enhance core power through merging.

The abandoned farmer house on the Nostalgia continent has been divided into two buildings to accommodate the new buddy food chef and music collector.

About: Fillable items (containers)
'' Introducing a new way for item processing. ''

The system provides an intuitive interface for players to place a fillable item into a map object, transforming it into another state. Currently, players can collect buckets of water and a chance of obtaining buckets of pure water (10% RNG) from the water wells in Nostalgia.

A quest at 'Not Mommy' has been added to utilize the bucket of pure water. However the system opens the door for a lot of future applications, such as cows (milk bar) and ovens (lava orange bar) etc etc. Overall, it's a fun and original approach to enhance the crafting aspect of the game.
About: Main Quest expansion
'' Entering the portal ''

Previously, we discovered that the A-KIDS are up to something weird concerning the Aeven Dudes. After winning their trust, they shared a stolen password that seems to interact with one of the controllers on the impact site.

The main quest has been extended to unveil the overarching narrative. It's now the moment to explore the happenings at the Aeven AG-A1 gate. Thanks to the pilfered password from the A-KIDS, the player is now able to activate the portal. However, the question remains: what awaits on the other side..

The overall main quest has been designed on a grand scale, featuring numerous key moments that will be familiar and beloved by long-time EO players. Yet, the development of the Main Quest is going to take a while due to the need for custom programming and scripting in various ways, which is taking a lot more effort than on average. Despite the needed big effort, the anticipation to tell what's next is exciting, and we look forward to share this story with you soon.

About: Creepy Basement
'' Trouble in the basement ''

It's widely known that the witch's basement has turned into a spooky area with pupils residing all around.

Recently, a new floor has been uncovered for exploration. Are you prepared to confront Pupil Alpha to obtain the ultra-rare corrupted optical core or the powerful optica staff drop?

At the moment, Pupil Alpha is expected to be the toughest boss in the game.
About: Quest / Shop Switch
'' Every update always has side effects ''

For example: The addition of interactive shopkeepers and crafters had an unforeseen side effect, wherein an NPC could get stuck in a quest state, necessitating the player to either complete or cancel the quest in order to acces the shop or craft tables again.

We needed to find a solution that is both straightforward and user-friendly. Since the game already allowed players to switch between quests seamlessly, it made sense to introduce an additional switch button labeled 'to shop.' This way, players could easily navigate between quests and, when applicable, access a shop if the NPC had both quests and items for sale.

* bringing back the Baru is a special moment, as it was the last officially added item to the old original game.
About: Summary
Update 4.17 brings wide improvements to various aspect of the current game world:
  • Bug fixes: like nonsaving ignore list on appclose
  • Warning msg on canceling completed daily/weekly quest
  • Quest to shop switch button
  • New gather system (fillable container items)
  • New weekly: Ticket Swap (reward: boat tickets)
  • New side quests: For example Pure water @ Not Mommy
  • Main quest push (enter the portal..)
  • New buddy items
  • Instruments
  • New items
  • New crafts

added visual details to the newbie quests, also added to other quests like Yuki's sleigh inspection etc.

Expansion update 4.17 is expected to launch this weekend (around FRIDAY January 26th)
Thanks for playing Endless Online!

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