Endless Online 0.4.15 : Dev Post D-011
Class and quest expansion

Dev Post:

About: 2024
'' Best wishes ''

Greetings in 2024, a brand new year filled with new possibilities.

Firstly, we want to express gratitude to everyone who for their support of Endless Online in the previous year. Thank you.

Secondly, the fireworks proved to be a success, prompting us to not expire the item planned for January 2nd, so that the remainder of the firework items could be used on special occasions such as weddings. Of course, Shopbob is eager to sell his firework wares at the next big event.
screen by Margi
About: Are you ready for your path?
'' Dear wanderer I hope this letter find you well ''

Ready or not, every player at Level 10 will receive a level-up reward (letter) from Master Pandakopan, who lives in the village of Anundo, in their inbox: I have sensed your presence in this world. Come visit me, and together we can unlock your true potential. You can find the hidden town of Anundo by taking the elevator at Green Lake.

Although the basic idea is that the class system allows players to swap classes, the choice is still very important. Additional effort has been made to guide the player in the right direction:

Master Pandakopan offers all players valuable advice and a preview of all possible paths. With confirmation to allow a change of mind in the process.

After the player has chosen their class, they embark on a special quest to visit one of the six holy shrines scattered around Aeven in order to become the class. For instance, a hidden cave compartment has been added for priests to pay tribute to the shrine.

The following classes have been added to the game:

Paladin - The paladin is a steady tank and support in all parties, more focused on tanking than damage.

Warrior - Master of the sword, able to deal damage and off-tank in most boss encounters; shrine: Soul Shrine.

Magician - The magician can channel magic to deal damage and curses on most enemies; shrine: Mystic Shrine.

Priest - The priest is a welcome aid in any party, keeping the party alive and supported; shrine: Sacred Shrine.

Rogue - Although the rogue is a skilled fighter, the class is a mixture of damage and support; shrine: Silent Shrine.

Archer - The archer is a master of damage from a distance, capable of handling the most significant bows; shrine: Arrow Shrine.

becoming priest
About: Daily, Weekly, Job board
'' More Overview , More type of quests ''

The Quest window has been upgraded with 5 new tabs:

  • Active Quests
  • Possible Quests - *new
  • Completed Quests
  • Daily Quests Offers - *new
  • Weekly Quest Offers - *new

The Possible Quests tab provides a list of all possible main, side, and reputation quests around the world, based on the player's level, quest status, and progress.

The Daily Quest Board displays a list of all available daily quests and job posts by NPCs. For example, the deep miner is having trouble with the deep spiders as most warriors have ventured to other parts of Aeven.
The Weekly Quest Board shows all possible special weekly quests. For example, the Core Master is requesting players to slay any public boss to earn additional core fragments.

The exact rewards and balance of the weekly and daily offers are still to be fine-tuned.
Please leave some feedback.
About: Nostalgia
'' A land called Nostalgia ''

A new, very familiar continent, Nostalgia, has been discovered, and players can visit it by taking Sealiner 102. The continent is likely to be very familiar, as it was once part of the Aeven main continent. Some of the places will probably look very familiar to some players.

Discover the classic feel of the maps, new quest, and encounter the Flowies on Nostalgia. All in all, worth paying a visit.
About: Quest UI upgrade
'' Clever trick to visualize quests ''

Without going into great lengths of (re)making a lot of pixels, it seemed like a good idea to render the first frame of the NPC centered next to the quest script. This way, the quest window looks more lively and engaging. The new patch will enable this feature for all players.

* Now, the NPC is drawn on the left side of the dialogue.
About: Todo / Last finalization on the Quest Engine
As part of our quest engine completion plan, the final step is scheduled for a future update. This entails making all quests clickable, allowing users to open a detailed page featuring the quest location, visualized rewards (in the form of bitmap items), and perhaps a synopsis that can be integrated into the new quest-index publishing files.

Stay tuned.
About: Other things
  • New captcha font system
  • New maps, and expanded maps
  • New map-index pub file sync op login
  • Find can only show players on same map
  • Various new questscript behaviours
  • New interfaces

This class and quest update is expected to launch this weekend (around SATURDAY January 13th)
Thanks for playing Endless Online!

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