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Shopbop's Extravaganza Firework Sale!

Event Schedule:

About: Event Schedule - Shopbop's Extravaganza Firework Sale!
'' To celebrate the period of 6 months Endless Online we go out with a bang, and a big one ''

From December 25-29 : Start earning special and golden* coupons in this period only to receive amazing free fireworks! And we all know Shopbob is not cheap with his wares.

From December 29-31, the Shopbob Fireworks shop opens for a limited time. Spend your coupons and eons on crazy fireworks. Shady somehow imported the infamous Mamba-6, but is it legal?

On December 31, LightsOut! Aeven town will become darker than ever, The perfect time to celebrate and go out with a BANG!

About: Shopbob Fireworks Product List

  • Cracker - perfect for celebrating
  • Nitro Cracker - for the pyro expert
  • Mamba-6 - imported by Shady
  • Strober - for the real pyro.
  • Sunburst - burst of sunlight!
  • Novablast - a colorful fountain
  • Greenjet - sparkling green
  • Violetflame - purple sparkles
  • Demonbox - an absolute beast
  • Ghostbox - spooky multiple shots!
  • Megamurk - swamp spark spectacle

Other Important Stuff
'' You can earn free firework coupons ONLY between December 25-29 ''

* Are you the one to find some of the rare golden firework coupons?

Christmas Fishing : Ending January 1st 2024 The Christmas Fishing event will continue to run simultaneously.
Swaggy Nick : Ending January 1st 2024 Once the presents are gone Swaggy Nick is leaving the site too!
Firework Sales : Ending January 1st 2024 and the lights will return back to normal in Aeven Town.

Yeti Introduction : Yeti is the first npc between a normal and a boss. With more exp, thoughness between normal and boss npc, new fur drop, short respawn timer and more yeti's on the same map.

The update is expected to launch this weekend (around December 23th)
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Happy Newyear!
Let's see what next year brings (and brings back)

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