Endless Online 0.4.13 : Dev Post D-010
The beginning of a mainstory

Dev Post:

About: Inventor Import Facility
Efforts have been made to revamp and enhance the starting area. A new questline has been introduced to provide better guidance for new players, focusing on the mechanics of equipping items and battling monsters. The newly integrated questline is strategically designed to swiftly lead players to Aeven, where the subsequent Aeveonomics quest is positioned to offer further guidance.

This approach should make sure players are encouraged to explore the Aeven town hub first, where the new Aevonomics quest should guide them further on their way. Overall, this patch is aimed to start the storyline and improve the experience of new players.

It appears that the inventor has been onto something all this time..
'' The import facility has undergone a redesign, featuring colors that are less futuristic but still modern by Endless standards. ''

Underscoring the significance of the player's import event from another world, some efforts have been invested in creating an welcome animation and a catchy welcome tune. This is to ensure that the process feels somewhat more special, recognizing its pivotal role as an element of the new story that is going to explain why the player finds itself in 'Another Aeven.'
After the import event, the player is supposed to meet with the inventor and his assistant. Following the initial unchanged quest, a new quest titled 'Getting Ready' is introduced, where the player is tasked with retrieving the stolen teleport key taken by stealmites, a remarkable cute yet thieving creature that resides in the bunker. Once the inventor has his teleport key back he is able to transport the new player to cave directly above Aeven, where the adventure takes off!

*Existing players should revisit the bunker to catch up on this main questline, which is later going to expand.
About: Club VV
'' Club VV - A new and place to hang out in Aeven ''

Beneath the fairy soda pub, a recently emerged nightclub has caught attention. Little is known about the venue or its enigmatic proprietors. The allure of an all-night party has piqued the interest of many; perhaps you should explore this new spot to see for yourself.

The new nightclub seamlessly integrates into the overall narrative of the story and, in addition to its social aspect within the game, is also planned to become a more integral part of the main story later on.
About: Swaggy nick!
'' Swaggy Nick showned up! ''

The operation to secure the presents for Santa has been progressing well. Many players have been going above and beyond to catch as many presents as possible. However, at the last moment, Swaggy Nick landed with his V8 sled to steal as many presents as he could! Fortunately, Santa cast his spells to make all the captured presents flee. Can you use your unbox abilities to secure as much presents inside the Swaggy cave?

New presents have been added to the ongoing Christmas event, such as glamorous Tinsel costumes, a Rudolf hat, Wild Berry cap and the Noelle staff. The event will continue running until the end of this year.
About: Current event rewards - update
  • Easy reward / Gloves : santa gloves
  • Easy reward / Armor : santa outfit (m/f)
  • Easy reward / Hat : santa hat
  • Easy reward / Hat : christmas hat (retro)
  • Easy reward / Weapon : candy cane
  • Medium reward / Hat : rudolf hat
  • Medium reward / Hat : wild cherry
  • Special reward / Armor : polarfox (m/f)
  • Special reward / Armor : tinsel (m/f)
  • Special reward / Weapon : noelle staff
About: Small improvements
  • Small fixes, like quest and npc fixes.
  • Small improvements, like a new captcha indication
  • Skippable warning for wrong-gender crafts
  • Some anti-auto fishing measures
  • Various small fixes

The update is expected to launch this weekend (around FRIDAY December 8th)
Thanks for playing Endless Online!

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