Endless Online 0.4.11 : Dev Post D-008
Let it snow

Dev Post:

About: Snowlandia
As the year draws to a close, the weather grows darker and colder. The ideal time to introduce the all new winter-themed content update for Endless Online. Prepare to board AirLiner 121 for a journey to Snowlandia, a continent nestled around the icy mountain with the nostalgic ice cave. Over time, an entire village has sprung up, with new shops and merchandise, including warm winter gear. The ice cave has acquired a reputation for being so chilly that only the most courageous adventurers venture inside, wearing their finest warm gear.

With a couple of minor adjustments and the introduction of two additional maps, the original ice cave has been preserved for nostalgia. The other two original winter maps (featuring the igloo) have been removed and reworked to a new layout. This resulted in the establishment of a centralized airdock with two elevators leading to the village below and the (not yet released) yeti cave above. Placing the ice cave within the mountain itself enhance its logical and prominent position.

The village has been designed with a frozen lake in the middle in mind, making it a fun place to slide and hang out with friends.

  • Introduction weather system : snow particles
  • Introduction weather system : frosted screen
  • Cold damage effect + new warmth stat for equipment
  • Various new animations like sliding and cold breath.
About: Weather system
With the integration of the weather engine, Endless Online can now simulate weather conditions that feel more immersive. The system currently incorporates dynamic overlays, a particle engine, and looped texture playback. Specifically for Snowlandia, the particle engine and dynamic overlays have been utilized to create a more authentic sense of cold on the continent.
About: Warmth system
At present, there are two degrees of cold that can be alleviated by donning adequate warm attire. At this point, this implies that minor cold can be entirely disregarded by wearing two warm pieces. Confronting deep cold environments can be managed by wearing three warm items. This system has the potential for augmentation with additional items and enhancements in the future, such as the ability to create campfires for warmth or special buffs from priests or wizards to warm up your party members. Interesting ideas for future updates.
About: New items, new quests, new boss
The recently discovered continent offeres a new collection of jewelry, highlighting enhanced critical hit capabilities and the formidable Epic Ice Blade. Moreover, there are four new craftable armors available at the Showlandia boutique. Despite the frigid climate, the village provides essential services like banking, potion crafting, and tailoring. Brave adventurers may face the formidable ice golem boss, lurking in the deepest reaches of the ice cave.

A new defender sword has been added that can be crafted at the Aeven blacksmith out of non-boss materials. The Aeven core master is now accepting Corrupted ice core pieces as well.
About: Quest Pack Installment
The Snowlandia area introduces four new quests, and additionally, three tutorial-like quests have been added to Aeven Town to assist new players in exploring the Aeven area. Later on efforts should be made to streamline the new players toward Aeven more efficiently. This may involve implementing a teleporter quest to the inventor and relocating the fallen warrior quest to a position before the Aeven cave. This adjustment would initiate the player's journey directly to map 14 (Aeven Mine Entrance)
About: Small changes
Various small improvements, such as longer emoticons (Numpad 1-10) and more detailed gathering statistics in the paperdoll, have been added, along with other small enhancements to improve quality of life (QoL).

Come celebrate EO Winter at November 11th. See you there!
Thank you for playing Endless Online.

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