Endless Online 0.4.10 : Dev Post D-007
Quest System Upgrades

Dev Post:

About: Quest engine
The quest engine has been upgraded with brand new improvements. By implementing a new pub file, both the client and server can now synchronize the entire quest status of the world, enabling the display of relevant quest markers above NPCs. Quest givers are now indicated by a yellow exclamation mark, while interactable NPCs are marked by a small chat balloon. Furthermore, all NPCs have been transformed into talkable NPCs, allowing shop owners, priests, lawyers, and others to engage in a conversation. New tooltips have been implemented to provide information on potential rewards, along with delete buttons for easy cancelling quests at any time. The quest improvements aim to provide a more structured and enjoyable questing experience. To commemorate this, and to give all players the opportunity to try out the system, a collection of four brand-new quests has been introduced in both Aeven and Tropica:

  • Little Eddy - Drove his toy car out of range.
  • Billy Broke - Almost lost his wallet again!
  • Shady - Has a new special job for you.
  • Coco J - With a heartfelt request.
About: Boss participation system improvements
Based on feedback received, the participation system has been enhanced with a range of new customizable features:

  • Adjustable 'mini core' chance increase, from 5% to 10%.
  • Adjustable guaranteed counter per boss (x kills without getting lucky results in a guaranteed drop).
  • Adjustable maximum farm limit (currently set at 20 mini cores per day).
  • In review: lowering the core requirement from 200 to 150 or 100.

We believe that increasing the chance based on damage may have some negative consequences.
  • It could make people less willing to cooperate or tolerate others who might affect their chances.
  • It could also encourage the use of alternate characters on the channel.
About: Minor Fixes
Few minor fixes aimed at improving stability:

  • keyboard input stability fix
  • minor server and client fixes
  • Moonmurks frog quest fix

The update is expected to release around 21 October 2023, See you there? :)

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