Endless Online 0.4.7 : Dev Post D-004
The Server Migration

Dev Post:

About: Salt Lake City
The EO Server has moved from Ashburn, USA, and landed in Salt Lake City, USA. This move was an attempt to increase server capacity and stability. It became evident that the current virtual server had become too strained to consistently handle peak hours. To improve things, a decision was made to contract a dedicated server and rush the release of Client 0.4.7, which has some new built-in features to fallback to the new server, ensuring everyone stays connected during the DNS mitigation period. Let's hope for the best! This also means that this update is unplanned, and most of the time was spent on the process of finding and installing the new hardware. No new quests or items have been added.

About: Release 0.4.7
Due to unforeseen circumstances, this update is relatively modest. Nevertheless, the patch introduces The Hallows, an eerie island with the Haunted House (HH). Additionally, the trade system has undergone enhancements and now utilizes a handshake trading/trading -> locked/locked -> agreed/agreed mechanism to ensure greater safety for all players. The boat ticket to Haunted Hallows is free for a limited time!
About: Halloween
The Halloween update is still scheduled for October. Let's witness just how spooky Aeven can become with the introduction of the new light system!

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