Endless Online 0.4.5 : Dev Post D-002
Carefully expanding the remastered world + finding a semi-endgame scenario that doesn't involve a level cap.

Dev Post:

About: Anundo
Anundo has been remastered as a concealed village, nestled somewhere within the expansive continent of Aeven. The primary intention was to restore the village on its approximate original location. To honor its authentic hidden nature, Anundo continues to remain concealed, guarded by Carnivos, and accessible only through the original labyrinthine stair puzzle. Its concealed nature has been enhanced by placing the village on higher grounds, encircled with cascading mountain walls and waterfalls. Naturally, the ninja leader is back and housed within his chamber. The new high grounds also seemed a fitting place to rehouse the butterflies, along with additional gathering spots.
About: Death Cave System
The Dead Cave and its resident Reaper have been true icons for Endless. After careful consideration, the most fitting location resembling the spot chosen at Greenlake, next to the Anundo elevator. To enhance the sense of peril and darkness surrounding the Death Cave, a decision was made to divide the cave system into two layers, creating both a passive and aggressive semi-end level training area. The Reaper remains concealed within the darkest, most corrupted recesses of this death cave.
About: Despair Island
Despair Island, also referred to as the Enchanted Forest or the Birdman Forest, has always had this special maze vibe. Due to its different (small) puzzle map sizes, a choice was made to separate this world from the main continent, accessible by Sealiner 104. Presently, there is just a single side-quest to embark upon. Once the debuff/buff systems are developed the longterm goal is to bestow the Hermit with a substantial buff blessing. Making it more worthwhile to re-visit him once in a while.
About: Creepy Basement (Witch)
The training map beneath the witch was overshadowed by the more friendly Skywonder training maps. Consequently, this area was transformed into an assertive semi-endgame zone.
About: Moonmurks p2
The swamp has been extended to include the entrance and first level of the public-dungeon (although the purpose of Susan and a new Swamp Boss is yet to be determined).
About: Quests
New quests have been added. You can find them on Despair Island, Skywonder and the Moonmurks.
About: Balancing
The final balance of Phoenix Griffon, Reaper, and Ninja Leader should be adjusted, over time with further refinements to the overall stat system, including power, defense, and so on.
About: Semi-End Game : Why does the game feels Linear so far??
It's clear that new players require a certain starting point to bridge the gap in levels and stats, the choice to create a guided and exp-boosted linear progression towards the endgame is probably the only and most common used solution in MMOS's. Additional main and side quests have been added into the game, and there is an ongoing effort to introduce more quests on top of this to enhance the diversity and enjoyment of this linear part.
About: Semi-End Game : Why it cannot stay linear.
The level cap, that is unavoidabkle with linear progress, is probably making everyone unhappy and gives players, even below the level cap, the unnecessary feeling of a limitation. From the development perspective things are even worse! This way of development consumes a substantial amount of development time in creating sufficient maps to accommodate the slightly higher leveled NPCs to sustain the level cap cycle. To develop the game up to high levels, in this manner, will likely maintain this situation up to the next year. Another significant drawback is that the extensive development efforts invested in areas from Level 0 to 80 become unattractive for Level 100+ players who have no reason to revisit those regions.
About: Semi-End Game : L30+
The decision has been made to set Level 30 as the starting point for the semi-endgame phase, primarily to prevent the development of an excess of linear content that loses its significance over time. The plan revolves around introducing elements such as future item upgrade progressions, private dungeons maps, and engaging daily and weekly activities. Importantly, players will retain the option to continue leveling indefinitely. Most MMOs hit players with an exp wall (x50million tnl) at the endgame level (usually around 50) So keeping the level grind going is an unique oppertunity.

One idea is to implement a scaling system for the public training maps above Level 30, dynamically adjusting the difficulty level based on the player's level or the level of the first NPC encountered. This approach ensures that both lower and higher-level players can interact within public training zones, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic and re-playable gaming environment.

As of now, NPCs have been configured with a passive level of 30 and an aggressive level of 35. However, the final decision regarding the above, has still to be made. Ideas are always welcome.
About: Ticket prices
In response to the communities' concerns about high travel expenses, we have implemented a permanent reduction in boat and airship prices. Nevertheless, it is essential to maintain a nominal fee to emulate the cost associated with real-world transportation systems, which require payment for each use.
About: Bot Meassures
Recognizing the impossibility of completely eliminating bots from the game (even major AAA titles face this seemingly impossible challenge) The primary objective is to minimize bot activity raising ongoing dilemmas between combating bots and inconveniencing legitimate gamers.

To stop the quick login-logout gather bots (on hotspots or vpns): New systems have been installed that make it impossible to see or gather any resource the first map and first 2 minutes of gameplay. Please understand the reasons.
Thank you for playing Endless Online in this journey to remaster the experience. Without you all this endavour is going nowhere.

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