Endless Online 0.4.4 : Dev Post D-001
Reflecting on the initial five weeks, it's clear that certain aspects were successful while others fell short.
Nonetheless, the first milestone has been achieved: establishing the fundamental level-up path to level 30.

Dev Post:

About: Rough start
The challenge of bringing back the old server was greater than expected, beginning with a week of steady daily server crashes and nonstop behind-the-scenes debugging (day and night) to identify and fix the server issues.

Followed by various challenges in maintaining an endlessly safe and friendly environment, a complete filter and control system has been created in a mere week from scratch - incorporating elements that never existed in this version of Endless.
About: Exp reduction
In short: the system will be replaced with a EXP boost.

The initial idea: The initial idea was to give a higher ammount of exp to new players while slowly reducting it. To keep the exp in check a exp-reduction system was introduced for the following reasons:

Reason 1: Empower new players to approach the semi-endgame content without creating the idea that catching up is taking forever.
Reason 2: Prevent high-level players from engaging in killstealing activities against newer players.

Identified Disadvantage of this system: The base XP gained from non-player characters (NPCs) continues to increase while causing the perceived negative impact of an ongoing reduction to prevail. To address this issue, the base EXP has been reduced, while new players receive a boosted EXP of up to x4, thereby maintaining the overall EXP gain up to Level 30 at the same level.
About: Stat reset weekend
The Concept: Allowing everyone to experiment with different stat builds in the current game world and gathering your feedback, this way we can learn how to enhance the balance and create the most engaging gameplay scenarios for the current path.
About: World Status
The Aeven (city hub) has expanded to include the basic EO areas such as the beach, tropica, skywonder, and swamp. The priority is to reintroduce the other missing 50% of locations, maintaining their original ambiance and layout while incorporating additional details. Furthermore, there is a need to enhance the current world by introducing more quests and adventures. For instance, the remastered swamp (now renamed as Moonmurks) holds significant potential to evolve into a larger hub of adventures.

Through the redesign of Aeven, featuring two centralized ports and a new transportation system, the world can now be structured in a more organized manner that eliminates illogical overlaps and enhances overall coherence.
About: New things in 0.4.4
Sky Wonder completion (new maps) , Moonmurks Introduction (arrival maps) , New npc agro sound system ( with potential to be further developed ) , New stat-reset item type , 2 Moonmurk area quests , Skylar necklace
About: Level 30 and beyond (future path)
We are currently in the process of evaluating whether the current progression path adequately guides new players to a balanced and optimal foundation for entering the 'semi-end game' phase. Ideally, this phase would encompass a state where the level cap can be raised entirely, and the majority of items, in conjunction with the new item enhancement system, can be unlocked and introduced.
About: Improving the website
We need your help for this! Send your best screenshots of the new Endless Online to aengie@endless-online.com, and your finest screenshots could soon be featured on the new community screenshot page!

Old FAQ | 0.4.1
Q: What is Endless Online 0.4.1 ?
A: It is an experimental upgrade of the original EOS server ( the one that carried up to 3000 players at the peak )

Q: Will Endless Online 0.4.1 be an instant full game experience?
A: Not really; this updated world will have remastered and new stuff built upon the classic and new introduced server mechanics.

Q: Will there be Aeven?
A: Yes but some things might have changed in time..

Q: Can i keep my account?
Q: Can i keep my items?
Q: Can i transfer items from another server?
A: Bad news. Items are uniquely tracked by 0.4.1 and no way compatible with the classic items. The good news; Imagine that you maybe could charge your items, tier up, have unique stats, or have multiple elements of the same version? How cool would that be?

Q: Will Endless Online release soon?
A: There will be early access. But know this is an optional experience next to the servers that are already playable and offer full experiences.
Thank you for playing Endless Online in this journey to remaster the experience. Without you all this endavour is going nowhere.

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