Endless Online : Change Logs
For archive purposes, here are all the change logs of the original Endless Online client/server updates.

[%] Barber range fix (invisible bug)
[%] Unlimited buy items bug fixed.
[%] Slow queries removed from gameserver.
[%] Character filter on guild tag/names.


[+] More complete battle system, depending on stats and items.
[+] Basic item stats, +dam +dod +hit +ac, hp/mp, stats
[+] Elemental system adding light/dark, fire,water,air and earth.
[+] Attack and melee bonus for firstblow and backside weakness.
[+] Kill lock/steal protection , finally working properly!
[+] Arrow items type (need to equipe visible arrows to use bow)
[+] Upgradable locker storage capacity (to 60max)
[+] PK (player vs player) map type added.

[*] Inner group member health updates (health bars)
[*] Dynamic casting delay system (blinking text)
[*] Boss types can be set to non killsteal protected.
[*] Find and Loc commands, for easy data lookups.

[%] Minor group glitches fixed (ghost groups, double joins etc)


[!] EO quest engine implemented (eo+ engine)

[+] Character book information window added.
[+] Character classes system/tree (warrior, priest, mage etc)
[+] Script loader/parser, loading of script files.
[+] Script interpreter, script execution in gameserver.
[+] Storing quest progress per character in database.
[+] Hp/Mp drain map (poison air map)
[+] Spike tiles / trapped tiles

[*] Interface improvements and layout improvements.
[*] Quest progress popup, to track your active quests.
[*] Protected gfx resources from being altered/imported.
[*] Reduced client discspace by 80% (120MB -> 17MB)
[%] Random npc spawning fixed, auto-click fix.
[%] Semi blend fix (stretching blt's)
[%] Better anti-speed detection
[%] Drop/trade while being into jail fix
[%] Player drop steal fix
[%] Arena wait-line cut fix


[+] Playable instruments (skill)
[+] Santuary/citizenship system added.
[+] Name of spell shows above caster.
[+] Advanced spell render code.
[+] Special Wings layer on character.
[+] Extra character race layers (orc,panda,skeleton)
[+] Dynamic map SFX hotspots (waterfalls,lava etc)
[+] Drop steal protection added (server-side)

[*] Bug fixes on skill interface panel.
[*] Extra chat tab for party/guild communications.
[*] Reduced global chat bandwidth, data on demand.

[%] Spell panel select/click bug fixed.
[%] Chinese-skin hat attack bug fixed.
[%] Doorkey glitch bug fixed.
[%] Craft overweight bug fixed.
[%] Effect potion bug fixed.


[+] Server database i/o on seperate thread.
[+] Server thread synchronizing buffers.
[+] Stat points + custin stat points distribution.
[+] Skill points + custom skill distribution.
[+] Hp/mp/so progression + dynamic bonus system.
[+] Priest npc type, to perform marriage ceremony.
[+] Law npc type, to change registration status.
[+] Learn npc type, learn new skills.
[+] Npc parent/child behaviour added.
[+] interface: Help menu added.

[*] Map position and SP memory security checking.
[*] 100% cpu fix, cpu-friendly render timer.
[*] security warnings at login added (random tip)
[*] softpad login system, to stop keyloggers.
[*] Admin peek skills added, to help players better
[*] Stat reset option added.
[*] D/C while loading game fixed (loading forever)
[*] Change character while loading game fixed.

[%] Blocktransfer mode didnt show special effects (fixed)
[%] Memory check routines (anti tsearch)


[+] Arena protocol support + kill counters.
[+] Menu layout changes.

[*] Server packet hardening, increased security.
[*] Auto Admin HD/MAC ban routines.
[*} Auto Speed detection intervals.
[*] Admin move through player movement.
[*] Whisper ignore system on server side.

[%] menu fix for deleting the third character.
[%] server memmory leak fixes.


[!] Release of the advanced server software.

[+] mouse wheel support in client.
[+] clipboard paste support in chat system.

[*] New randomized menu layout system.
[*] integrated arena system, private combat.
[*] improved server side coding (speed)
[*] server database cache systems (speed)
[*] delete screenshot button in screen viewer.
[*] prefetched characters names in eo-irc.

[%] disconnection message are showing again.
[%] junk button fixed, deleted old item on click.
[%] xp large window header, in window mode fixed.


[+] interface: magic managment panel
[+] interface: skill managment panel
[+] hotkey bind system added [f1-f8+shift]
[+] targeting system (self,target,group,area)
[+] music instrument class

[*] log: EXP points logged in SYS tab.
[*] log: dropped item name logged in SYS tab.
[*] TP is used in game now
[*] SP is used in game now
[*] share EXP (group mode)

[%] drop steal fix


[+] dls, esf file support , binairy file i/o

[*] anti idle / idle indication system

[%] midnight crash bug fixed.
[%] server reporting it is full (too many connections)
{%] drop steal protections, F12 & double drop fix
[%] language filter now work on townboards
[%] unlore/chest bug fixed.
[%] better tuned speedhack filters
[%] item duplication bug fixed
[%] guild description bug fixed


[+] message (town) boards.
[+] jukebox objects / change music.
[+] new movements for jumping and water.
[+] item types: lore , cursed , cure.
[+] screenshot browser module.
[+] irc module.

[*] advanced EXP screen, deep inside exp info.
[*] anti-block, pass-through code (keep moving into player)
[*] jail isolation, no more global talk / drop or trading.
[*] guild name can contain up to 24 characters now.
[*] improved configuration module.
[*] faster player/npc sort.

[%] TNL now properly showed in status panel.
{%] craft items are showing gender now.
[%] sound/music config bug fixed.


[+] layer: damage & hitpoint indications.
[+] hitpoints: npc can take damage.
[+] hitpoints: players can take damage.
[+] hitpoint regeneration (every 2 minutes)
[+] battle system: players can die / death .
[+] battle system: exp / tnl / level up system.
[+] battle system: simple AI attack patterns.
[+] social: partner / marriage system.
[+] item effect: HP potion healing.

[*] render-on-demand engine (fast sprite render engine)
[*] server priority login system.

[%] server busy message after loading game fixed.
[%] bow 'shoot through wall' fixed.


[!] new website and forum design

[+] visual magic systems, for players and npcs.
[+] sprite layer: resting / sitting down.
[+] sprite layer: archer attack.
[+] game bars for Hp, Mp, Sp and Tnl.

[%] speedhack should not detect minor lag anymore.
[%] archery range in arena fixed.


[+] npc guilds (create,join,leave guild)
[+] generated page for website : top 100 guild list
[+] minimap layout system, hide/show.
[+] cave wall system, for realistic cave structures.
[+] server and client speedhack checking.
[+] admin commands : jail player, warp to map

[*] item addition : effect potions
[*] layer improvements : animated wall & objects.
[*] guild chat channel, chat to online guild members.
[*] added a guild memberlist lookup option.
[*] playerlist filter for online guild members.
[*] paperdoll mouse-over showing item names.


[!] client and server EXE protection.
[!] server software fully patched with stable uptime.

[+] enf, edf & esf file support , binairy file i/o
[+] additional client setup (config) program included.
[+] mouse hover ( showing npc name)
[+] managed friend & ignore lists.
[+] private item stash / locker objects added.
[+] npc item crafting (create items)
[+] npc bank (withdraw/desposit money)
[+] npc shops (buy/sell items)
[+] npc barbers (buy new haircut)
[+] ground (tiles) can be animated.

[*] npcs can (random) talk now.
[*] global and admin channels set to admin only.
[*] added chattab for a new global chat channel :)
[*] security: login will be disabled after 3 tries.
[*] security: client EXE structure + encryption.
[*] extra confirmation on trade OK button.
[*] delay after deleting an item from trade.
[*] item drag abort when other player close trade.
[*] listbox enhanced with (alpha blend) hilights.
[*] additional information popups on overweight.
[*] autosave SQL will send only needed update fields.
[*] autoaction on walking into chest,door,locker or chair.
[*] minimap edges fix + friendly/hostile npc indications.
[*] friendlist quick whisper (left click on name)
[*] friendlist hilights online friends.
[*] playerlist filter button.

[%] item out of bound/disappearing item bug fixed.
[%] system chat empty line (pointer) bug fixed.
[%] sorting alike names in playerlist bug fixed.
[%] changing boots (not updating on screen) bug fixed.
[%] empty text balloon bug fixed (on some pc's only)
[%] proper weight update after trading items.
[%] trading gold will now update properly.
[%] attack chair bug fixed.


[!] gameserver connection to database has been fixed.

[+] safe trade system: trading windows.
[+] signs on map are clickable / readable now.
[+] chests can be opened now (items spawn inside)
[+] doors can be opened and closed.
[+] keys to operate chests and doors.
[+] drunken mode, speajkinggg cownffuseddd
[+] hairdye potions, change hair color.

[*] ban/kick for admins, blocks a client for 15 minutes.
[*] anti multiclient systems in client and server side.
[*] more accurate speedhack checking (faster trigger)
[*] protected item drops (anti looting)
[*] clicking on a playerlist will whisper to the person.
[*] idle timer, removes players longer then 30 min afk.

[%] 'your account is already logged on' bug fixed
[%] dropping 0 items made the item dissapear.
[%] value slider on 0 showed out of the message box.
[%] the inventory appeared to delete/duplicate items. 
[%] item lose, when other player dc in trade session.
[%] disabled new trade requests while trading session.
[%] sitting movement bug, moving while stting down.
[%] exit button is enabled while loading a new map.
[%] dissapearing items in chest bug fixed.
[%] minor client bugs (external exceptions)
[%] trade security glitch fixed.


[+] admin channel, admin 2 admins chat
[+] client server system messages (packets)

[*] npc spawn delay after server (re)start.
[*] extra item clean sweep after server (re)start.
[*] more controlled server shutdown sequence (delayed)
[*] auto (re)positioning, in case a player is too lagged.
[*] auto warp / anti blocking timers.
[*] clicking on a chatline will whisper to the person.
[*] interaction on/off (show grouping, trade requests etc)

[%] surface transfer fixes, black or messy graphics.
[%] invalid pointer operations on server side fixed.
[%] server auto-save fixed (0x0eefade errors / thread bug)
[%] crawling with F12 while sitting bug fixed.
[%] warping while sitting bug fixed. (sitting after warp)
[%] fixed : Fullscreen mode failed on certain computers
[%] frozen npc spawns (non moving npcs) fixed.
[%] group join / invite failures are now fixed.
[%] chatlog now appends lines to the file.


[+] interface: endless news panel
[+] interface: game options & settings panel
[+] interface: paperdoll window
[+] item transaction: pick-up, drop, junk items.
[+] item usage (warp scrolls, exp scrolls, potions etc)
[+] item transaction: equipment and removal of items
[+] money / EXP support (up to on character)
[+] GUI drop drag item, button and popup message support.
[+] GUI drag and drop areas for items.
[+] join and welcome messages, controlled by server.
[+] guardian and GM indicators in playerlist.
[+] X mark on mouse down showing path destination.
[+] windows registry key read & write support for inventory.
[+] map earthquake effects (from small to heavy quakes)
[+] NPC will slowly fade away when it was killed.
[+] basic NPC (re)spawn system
[+] admin mute controls.

[*] money is now always showing in inventory (zero money)
[*] numpad is enabled in the menu (0 to 9 & .)
[*] redesign and improvement of interface panels.
[*] 5 more item props: size, weight, duration, element.
[*] online playerlist is sorting on character name.
[*] curse filter additions.

[%] lagged walk into wall / wall stuck bug has been fixed.
[%] chair rotation bug while pressing F12 has been fixed.
[%] wrong chat-panel hint msg fixed (character skills)
[%] new connection methodes , fixing sync lookup errors.
[%] fixed turning on sound/music with no available devices.
[%] game can now start with no available sound devices.
[%] double received playerlist entries (lagged packet) fix.
[%] items visible outside inventory bug is fixed.


[+] map layer: items
[+] eif file support , binairy file i/o
[+] client auto-item updater, eif file downloader.
[+] mouse hover ( showing name item ) 
[+] server item properties memory map.
[+] client item properties memory map.

[*] mouse cursor is also detecting items now
[*] improved item-sort, 1000+ items on screen = FAST
[*] button '@' in account creation, 'cannot type @ bug'
[*] MMTimer intervals checked with timestamps, security
[*] server improved automatic flood protections.
[*] server dataflow security (packet/sec, peek detection)
[*] server data packet-size security
[*] improved 'hollow' range checking on server side
[*] casting is now assigned to the numpad 0 key

[%] fix: not showing items, when warping to new map
[%] fix: adjusted edit filters for azert keyboard (mode 3)
[%] fix: also showing map name on first enter.
[%] azert  keyboard, m,% fix (mode 3)
[%] exit button does not dissapear when loading new map.
[%] fix: flood protection, locking for 40 seconds.
[%] fix: flood protection, showing warnings in statusbar


[+] map layer: overlayed top layer
[+] basic music engine: map music triggers.
[+] interface: map overview projector
[+] interface: drop & drag inventory panel
[+] visual itemlayer on the map
[+] weapon & shield equipement indications (left corner)
[+] AZERTY keyboard support (mode 3)
[+] server shutdown sequence (save players first)

[-] Right groupbar removed from game interface.
[-] Hp/Mp bar indicators removed from lower interface.

[*] interface: improved group panel layout'
[*] server: less busy signals when logging character.
[*] server equiped with packet-flood detect & protection.
[*] server equiped with a lag / movement queque.
[*] bigger and improved game view area.
[*] lower interface changed + interface decoration.
[*] mini overlay map improved lay-out.

[%] top map layer placement has been changed.
[%] double blt's in minimap fixed (c and p tiles)
[%] change password bug fixed (up to 16 chars)
[%] fixed clipper problems in GameBltAlphaFast()
[%] account creation failures are fixed now.
[%] mouse click on ristricted warps is ignored now.
[%] whisper when private tab focused, fixed
[%] sounds will not be heared when minimized game.
[%] keyboard will not work when de-activated game.
[%] read-error 0x00000008 when exit during intro fixed.


[+] map layer: desk counter , to create better shops
[+] map layer: blended layer, for shadow, fog, fire etc
[+] map warps got level restriction attribute now.
[+] full group-system [join, invite, leave, disband..]
[+] leader of party can remove any member.
[-] movement speed reduced with 15%, prevents some lag.

[*] security: checked SQL strings to prevent wildcards.
[*] render improvement on large maps, x/y restrictions.
[*] server uses less base RAM , 1.2 MB was 3,6 MB before.

[%] account creation didnt work, is fixed again.
[%] pathfinder jam while standing lower edge of map fixed.
[%] group invite didnt work, its fixed again.


[+] dynamic npc surface size detection.
[+] custom npc size + render placement.
[+] player popup menu, when right-click on player.
[+] interface: group mode, join/leave/disband group
[+] player ignore-list

[*] server recoded, count/index byte removed.
[*] 'hollow' range checking on server side (bandwidth)
[*] npc server speed, freeze npcs on empty maps.
[*] support for large map objects. (buildings etc)
[*] timered flood protection in chat system.

[%] random access violation 0x00010 fixed.
[%] dissapearing of self typed chat lines fixed.
[%] server npc collision detection.
[%] delayed ENTER / send line in chat system.
[%] brought back minimum chat line to 1 character.
[%] spaces in character names are no more allowed.
[%] name-over fix, when over more then one player.
[%] overflow/server crash fixed in npc-range packet
[%] fixed refresh packet, npc displacement
[%] npc crash bug, actually a bug in a tcp/ip packet.
[%] NPC data deleted on exit & relog, old npc data.
[%] more canvas objects to prevent weird font sizes


[+] sprite layer: custom weapon
[+] sprite layer: custom shield
[+] sprite effect : weapon trail on attack animations.
[+] see-through, when standing behind a wall or object.
[+] basic npc support: spawn and movement.
[+] range checking on npc, to decrease data traffic.
[+] dynamic npc surfaces, display tiny & huge npc's.

[*] enlarged sprite frames to contain weapons & shield.
[*] alphaBlt exception handling unlock surfaces on error.
[*] Added surface status and restore in sprite render.
[*] Mouse cursor change on action points (chairs etc)
[*] Emotions on face are displayed twice as long.

[%] fixed server check on sit down / stand up.
[%] fixed displaced hat positions in sprite attack frames.
[%] fixed wall placement (depth problem large weapons)
[%] pathfinder fix, mouse click on chair will find path.
[%] pathfinder fix, when standing on edge of map
[%] memory exception error fixed (clipper malfunction)
[%] fixed npc range packets (out of bound [1] error)


[!] protocol changes tcp/ip: encoded / uncoded packets.

[+] auto-update system for new world maps.
[+] loading screen while downloading new map.
[+] game pop-up messages on client (outside menu)
[+] uncoded packets for faster map processing.
[+] map name is showed when enter new map.
[+] client movement checking, not server-only now.
[+] real-time pathfinder on mouse-click, A* math.
[+] international keyboard and language support.
[+] global & announcement chat ability.
[+] exit to menu, on exit button or disconnect.
[+] emotions (numpad 1-9 & .)
[+] screen refresh (F12)

[*] optimized graphic loaders on client side.
[*] menu, interface, sprite loaders merged to 1 loader.
[*] text messages (string table) moved to a .dat file.
[*] optimized movement checking on server.
[*] file architecture changed to .edf .emf & .egf.
[*] inactive chat tabs highlight when received new text.
[*] ALT-F4 command is trapped and ignored.

[%] fixed the auto-update map after login sequence.
[%] alt-tab black screen fix, surface restore routines.
[%] too many open file handles on client are closed now.
[%] the pathfinder is synced on a timer, no more jumpy.
[%] memory leak fix: in static sprite and map loaders.
[%] keyboard buffer overflow, has become more stable.
[%] font-size fix, font was showing too big sometimes.
[%] ignore zero warp fix: undefined warp did not load.
[%] double sit fix: two or more characters on 1 chair.
[%] forgot to add BLT_WAIT in tile render sequence.


[+] quite fast binairy map-file reading / writing.
[+] server supports map-file up / downloading.
[+] map flags: block, door, chest, chair, warp.
[+] map settings : music, enviroment, pk rules.
[+] map layer: topwall.

[*] optimized packet decoders on server side.
[*] optimized sql string constructors on server side.
[*] optimized 'for loops' on client side a bit.
[*] server is updated with new mysqldac components.
[*] improved language filters on client and server side.
[*] mouse/tile cursor has become more accurate.


[!] protocol changes in tcp/ip communication

[+] addition of 'gloves' item
[+] field 'online' to enable the website online player list
[+] field player privileges (player,admin,guardian,gm,hgm)
[+] server: resets all online fields when launched
[+] server: no longer getting a connection overflow

[*] client bitmap loaders are stable now.
[*] server is protected by serial code, to prevent pirating.
[*] mouse on tile position is much better now.

[%] fixed the hat transparent problem in 16bit mode.
[%] new exit codes to prevent problems with MSN.
[%] white rectangles in hat layer are no longer visible.
[%] small fix in ini file loaders fixed.
[%] chat filters are now working as should.
[%] long chat lines will be displayed longer in a baloon.
[%] long chat lines will be wrapped in the chat area
[%] chat lock will not scroll down when 'locked' anymore


[+] full wall and ceiling system 
[+] map sorting for objects and players (depth) 
[+] map layer: chairs 
[+] sprite layer: custom hair
[+] sprite layer: custom boots 
[+] sprite layer: custom armor 
[+] sprite layer: hats / maks 
[+] auto refresh sprite layers
[+] server: account signup lock
[+] server: game access lock

[*] improved client configuration file layout.
[*] improved server configuration file layout.
[*] more client configuration options, loaders, size etc.

[%] fix in sprite pre-render thread 
[%] fix in launching game with 'nosound' selected 
[%] serveral base sprites have been edit 
[%] dunaimic memory loaders use 1 bitmap object 
[%] fixed double color key bug in the hat/mask layers
[%] fixed some minor bugs


[+] surface cache system for map objects. 
[+] map with different layers for walls, objects, tiles. 
[+] timer on speed move/fight/cast server sided. 
[+] sprite animations to cast.. 
[+] sprite animations to fight.. 
[+] sprite animations to sit down.. 
[+] mouse hover ( showing name player ) 
[+] whisper, public/private/global chat system 
[+] privat / public chat system 
[+] interface: who is online list 

[*] new packet builders ( on server and client side ) 
[*] new packet parser ( on server and client side ) 
[*] new packet encoding ( lot faster ) 
[*] text baloon now moves when you fight or sit down. 
[*] frame rate controller 
[*] several optimizations in client. 

[%] minor surface restore bugs 
[%] double chatline bug fix. 
[%] auto private chatting 
[%] sprite displacement in some male aniamtions 
[%] scroll buttons in interface did not respond 
[%] sprite animations for fighting and casting. 
[%] ALT-F4 trapping, fixed the crashed when exit the game. 
[%] surface restore in client side (alt tab problems). 
[%] double chat lines have been fixed (server sided). 
[%] shared bitmap loading, prevent crashes. 
[%] delayed bitmap loading (prevents frame jumps)
[%] sprite cannot move through eachother anymore. 
[%] database problem when creating new account 
[%] several memory leaks in client. 
[%] fixed some minor bugs


[+] create and validating accounts 
[+] login with account
[+] create / modify and delete characters 
[+] character skin colors 
[+] character gender (male female) 
[+] game edit and message system 
[+] version checking 
[+] character walk animations 
[+] build-in support for alpha blending (0 - 100%)* 
[+] full player movement synchornization 
[+] movement / chat broadcasting by server 
[+] buildin screenshot / capture 
[+] chat playback area + chat balloons ingame 
[+] mysql support + character auto save when exit 
[+] database support for custom pants, armor, hat etc. 
[+] range checking, to decrease data traffic for server. 
[+] secure packet transfer (encryption) 
[+] login sequence + security are ok now. 
[+] range checking 
[+] interface: chat panel 
[+] interface: status panel 

[+] server: support for player classes 
[+] server: support for player guilds 
[+] server: now supports IP block / ban 
[+] server: now support HD serial ban 
[+] server: now support account ban 

[*] keyboard backspace has speed up 
[*] keyboard is better responding to chat input 
[*] client range has optimized
[*] client has delete delay for deleting player objects 
[*] double account logging disabled 

[%] Intro (vult-r) has been recoded to prevent crash
[%] chaging direction first then move sprite. 
[%] mouse scaling in windowed mode. 
[%] mirror blt'ers 
[%] minor memory leaks 
[%] player range 
[%] client range has optimized 
[%] security fixes 

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