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Frequently asked questions
General Questions
Is it free to play Endless ?
Yes, our goal is to provide an advanced and free 2D RPG game. We promise that we will never force any account to pay to gain access. Thought we keep the right to block any or all accounts if needed. For example: beta tests, cheating, multiple accounts, hackers etc.

Who are we ?
We are a group of people that have to knowledge and skills to build a serious game engine. There is no real company behind endless just a group of people who spend many many hours making this all possible.

Will there be a main server?
Yes, there will be a main server that can carry up to 1000+ players. Maybe when the game is getting more complete we can try to setup more gameservers. Endless will be a free game, there is no way this game can ever become 'pay only', that would be unfair toward all players, testers and artists that have been spending a lot of time on Endless.

How many players can be online?
The server software is programmed to support up to 5000 connections! Unfortunatly the bottleneck is in the server hardware and internet connection. A normal 33k6 modem would be able to carry about 10 players, a cable or adsl modem about 50, and a more professional (expensive) connection would be able to carry over 1000 players.

System requirements to play Endless.
Minimum system requirements :
  - Pentium 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM
  - 1 MB RAM video card
  - 80 Mb Harddisk
  - Windows 98,ME,2000 or XP
  - Direct x 7.0 or above
  - and an internet connection ;)

Does Endless contain spyware?
No, we are always concerned for your privacy. The software you download from official EndlessOnline servers are 100% free from spyware and other malware. If you downloaded spyware from another website you can download Ad-Aware to fix your problems.

See the McAfree site-advisor safety report about :

When is the game finished / released?
This is going to sound strange but we dont need to 'release' since we are not a commercial company. This means that we are always building and improving the game. Ofcourse when the game gets more complete we make public beta version available.

Gameplay questions
How large are maps?
Big :) Your screen will 'scroll' down/up to walk from the begin to the end.

Can i play fullscreen?
Yes. the engine supports fullscreen and also a windowed mode which can be scaled to any size you want.

Can i join or create a guild in Endless?
Yes, guilds are fully supported, with many 'in-game' features.

Will Pk (player killing) be allowed?
Endless will be a player friendly game. Though we will offer arena's where players can compare their characters with others, rob or theft will not be allowed.

What kind of character can i become?
You can make your unique character with its own look, for example hair and hair color, skin color and gender Later you can become a warrior, mage, rogue etc.

Will there be roleplaying in endless?
Yes, endless will be a roleplay game with its own story, gods, beliefs and ofcourse many stories and plots from the players themselves.

How to marry with another player?
To start the marriage ceremony you will need to visit the lawyer npc first, after his approval you need to buy a proper outfit (white dress or tuxido) The priest will start the ceremony if one of both players is LVL 5 or above.

How to learn new spells / skills?
You can learn new spells and skills at any skillmaster npc. Every spell or skill has its own (unique) requirements in order to learn it. You can click on the skillmaster and browse the menu to find out more about the requirements.

Can i reset my stat points?
Yes, it is possible to reset your stats. Visit a skill master npc and ask him to forget all skills. All used stat/skill points will be converted into unused points which can be redistributed without losing any bonuses.

Account questions
How do i create a new account?
New accounts can only be created using our client software. You can dowload the client here.

How do i keep my account safe?
Make sure that noone else knows your password. Never share you account with somebody else. Also do not believe people (or websites) that offer you something in return for your Endless Online password. Do not (pretending) staff members who ask for your password, a real staff member doesnt need to know.

Help, my account has been banned!
Be sure that the EO gameserver is running. In case you have violated our disclaimer you should explain you action(s) to and we will review your case.

Help, I forgot my password.
Our E/O privacy policy does not allow any staff member to access the account information. The only way to retreive a lost password is using the password recovery system.

Development questions
I want to help with the development.
At the moment there is no need for more coders, artists or musicians. There are still many ways you can help, a small but very helpfull thing you can do is vote for us so more people will get to know about us. More things you can do are reporting bugs on our forum.

Will the code be open source?
No. its better for everyone that nobody knows how we secured our tcp/ip communications.

What language is Endless written in?
The client is fully coded in C++ using the STL library and bcb-tools directX libraries for the graphic render and sound effects only. The server side is fully coded in C++ using the STL library and a mysql as back-end.

What 'game-maker' did Endless use?
We did not use any 'game-maker'. Endless is coded, composed and drawn all by ourselves.

Which ide was used to program endless?
Endless Online was programmed entirely with Borland C++ builder 2006 professional. You should have decent knowledge about C++ before you can start using this program.

When was the endless project started?
Somewhere january 2003 the rather unstable game 'engine' was being build. Serious development started in June 2003. From the beginning to this moment we have been using our own game 'engine' and own graphics.

Will the server/hosting software be public?
Maybe for serious hostings, not decided yet.

Is it hard to setup an EO server?
No, everything is done automatically with smart setup software and tools. Even real-time website statistics are working in a few seconds. Advanced settings can be set in .ini files, here is an example of the main 'server.ini' file.

What kind of server is needed for endless?
At this moment the server software is compiled for windows NT/2K, later we also start working to support unix, most dedicated servers are running on this operation system. CPU power isnt an issue because the server software is not using many resources.

The setup is not working / crashing
Please download the Endless Online installation files from a mirror site. Something might have gone wrong during the download.

If you see a white screen or 'protection error'
If the games start with a white screen or a protection error it likely that there went something wrong during the setup. Please completly uninstall the software (start -> program files -> endless online -> uninstall ) and the re-install Endless Online to fix your problem.

Endless HelpCentre (advanced!)
Please download our all-in-one HelpCentre tool if you are still having troubles with the client software, password, or connection. The tool will offer you precise diagnostics, and repair options. You can download it by clicking here

Endless Online (c) 2003 - a free online mmorpg , please do not use any parts of the game / website without our permission.

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