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News Archive - from the past
2 February 2006 - V23 is here
The new alpha version v23 is released. The update contains magic, group exp and new areas. As always you can download the client from the download page

13 January 2006 - Update
Most of the data have been moved away from the old server, all your characters data is safely on backups. Because the game suffered a lot of lagspikes lately I did some load balancing on the new server to better coop with the huge concentration of traffic that is driven into it, the game is running stable at 450 players now.. I am currently trying to find myself another server to bring things back to normal. Vult-r

9 January 2006 - Important notice for all players
The datacentre that is hosting our services has fall apart, because it was struck by Hurricane Rita on September 23rd, 2005. This is really bad news Endless Online as by the end of the week all servers are going down. I am trying my best to make an emergency plan to shift the netwerk domain, forum, website, mail, gameserver etc. As i have very little time its possible that we go offline for a while :(

I am not sure if you guys read this but i want to thank my datacentre for the good hosting they provided all this years and i hope you guys are ok. Vult-r

29 December 2005 - Update
The new server software is getting more stable every day. Thanks to the massive support we have from our players, the server has reached over 600 players online. Hopefully Endless Online is still going strong in 2006.

9 December 2005 - Wallpaper update
A new EndlessOnline wallpaper has been added to our wallpaper collection. You can view and download the wallpapers from the wallpaper page. Sakura

4 December 2005 - V22 is here
A new update v22 is ready for download. The update contains new weapons, graphics and bugfixes. Everyone should download the client from the download page.

On Aeven square you can find the christmas tree and buy your own cristmas hat (see screenshot)

Merry Christmas the endless online staff

2 December 2005 - Update
A graphic and bugfix release will be launched soon. It will contain only minor but interesting game additions. Meanwhile vult is busy breaking down the gameserver source codes, to recode them more efficient, which is hopefully going to improve both server performance and capacity. Aengie

20 November 2005 - Reminder
This is a friendly reminder to all our players. Please keep your account password safe. Never share your password with a friend, or even the endless staff. Do not use any website or program that is asking for your account password.

5 October 2005 - Hurricane Rita
The facility were EndlessOnline is hosted was hit by hurricane Rita which caused some downtime for our server the past week. The guys from the datacentre worked hard and our server should be running stable from now on. Click here for more information about the datacentre that hosts our services.

21 September 2005 - Update
Now that we have a magic/skill system working the next step should be a new NPC type to train/learn new spells. Also we will continue working on a better EXP / STATS system to make the skills more intresting.

Right now we are busy with improving the town graphics, by adding more pixel details to houses etc. We are also looking further into the server code to hopefully recode it with more performance (= more players)

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