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News Archive - from the past
27 May 2005 - HTTP download restored
We have added a second download location on the download page! Appearently the FTP download did not have enough bandwidth to send all requests. With the new download location this should be solved.

20 May 2005 - We are back!!
We are back with a new gameserver AND a new client 0.19b! You can download our new client now from our download page. Thank you all for your patience and support.

20 May 2005 - We are back!!
We made a new client 0.19B, an updated version with more added features. All the old 0.19A clients should update to this new version.

We are currently moving Endless Online to another network carrier, once this is completed we will release the newest client so everyone can play our RPG again.

20 May 2005 - We are back!!
Dear endless players,

We got the website back online again but the sad news is that we are temporary unable to run the gameserver due to current circumstances. We have quite a few problems lately that makes it impossible to continue.

We hope you all will still support and believe in Endless.
We are truely sorry for all the trouble this is causing.

1 May 2005 - Version 0.19
We have a new updated the gameserver to the newest version, everyone needs to download a new copy to continue playing.

29 April 2005 - Happy birthday Sakura
Today is Sakurakurs birthday and we all wish her a happy birthday. And while your at it pay a visit on her site

2 April 2005 - Top100
The new level system will rank the best 100 players on level and exp, because of this previous top100 players that have not played Endless yet can no longer show up in the list. In that case please log on to Endless and kill a couple of monsters untill the exp and level are synced again. Your name should be back in the list by then :)

1 April 2005 - Version 0.18
We have a new updated the gameserver to the newest version, everyone needs to download a new copy to continue playing.

12 March 2005 - Server update
In case you see a 'could not find server' message its not because the gameserver is down. Our current gameserver is a little too small to carry all players and is sometimes refusing new connections. The gameserver is running for more then 180 hours and is online 24x7. For now, the best thing to do is keep trying..

3 March 2005 - Endless re-start
We are going to give the emergency rpg server a try, please all download the latest version to connect. We are falling back on a much smaller server so dont expect too much, there will be lag and capicity problems soon. Meanwhile we are still after the person that took our money, only then we can restore Endless how it used to be.

Endless Online (c) 2003 - a free online mmorpg , please do not use any parts of the game / website without our permission.

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