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News Archive - from the past
26 January 2005 - Endless mistreated
Everyone upgrade to 0.16 to be able to connect to the gameserver !! you can download the client here.

18 January 2005 - server downtime
EndlessOnline has been mistreated by a certain hosting 'companies'. Aengie and Vult-r are at risk of losing almost $800. EndlessOnline is a free game, with no advertisements or donations, this loss of funds will have a deep inpact on all players.

The current gameserver has already been re-formatted by a heartless datacentre without any notice, we have some backups but ofcourse there will be data-loss

We are struggled in some debate with the datacentre and the hosting company but so far it doesnt seem we will ever be refunded. Even though we only request half our money back to setup a temporary server and stop Endless from bleeding.

Its just sad that certain people mistreated a totally free game, developed by people with a certain dream... They really not care how much they have hurt us and all players who believed in Endless.

We are in a final and critical fase of claiming a refund, if this fails we will publish the whole story including names of all responsible for this tragidy, because we think all players deserve a explaination.

Keep the faith, vult-r and aengie.

16 January 2005 - 0.16 is out !
Everyone upgrade to 0.16 to be able to connect to the gameserver !! you can download the client here.

15 January 2005 - Server maintenence
The server will go down for a unknown time to update the gameserver to the newest version. Keep checking this page for more info soon.

6 January 2005 - Guilds are comming!
We are proud to announce that the new version of Endless will arrive in 1 to 2 weeks. The new version has guild features installed together with a few other features. You can download it from our website soon.

1 January 2005 - Happy Newyear!
The Endless staff wishes you all a wonderfull new year! The server has been rebooted for back-ups and maintanance. The citizens of Endless are amazed how all the christmas hats mysteriously dissapeared ;)

28 December 2004 - Server spikes
The server connection is a bit disrupted today, this might result in a unstable connection. No data will get lost, simly relogging your character will get you going again. Sorry for the inconvience.

3 December 2004 - New downloads!
Everyone needs to download a new copy of Endless to play on the new server. Also you will gain a couple of more new and improved gameplay features!

29 November 2004 - New server on the way
The new server is currently getting a firewall installed and should be up real soon. Everyone will have to re-download the new client (15b) to be able to play on the new server.

27 November 2004 - Reinforcements
Chaos a musician from England has joined the team. He will be replacing and improving all music in Endless Online.

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