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News Archive - from the past
25 November 2004 - Server reinforcement
Aengie and Vult-r have purchased a second hi-speed Endless server which will be entirely for hosting the game. The new server has a lot more capacity then our current server! The server is being setup at the moment, when its ready everyone have to download new client software to connect to the new server.

13 November 2004 - Server overload
The unexpected high ammount of traffic seems to be more then this (rather small) server can handle. Its probably because we all tried to download and login at once. The server is up and running again lets hope it goes better now. Meanwhile I am looking for a solution..

12 November 2004 - Version 0.15 is here
A new version of Endless (0.15) is running on the gameserver, you can now download the newest client form the download page.

12 November 2004 - Server maintenence
The server will go down for a short while to update the gameserver to the newest version, if all goes well the new version should be downloadable from the website within the next 2 hours.

4 November 2004 - Server disruption - fixed
Another server disruption caused Endless to be down for 2 days, this time the connection into the datacentre was broken but appears to be fixed now.

31 October 2004 - Dev Update
The last 2 features (crafting and barber shop) are almost finished ! Next week we continue to add the last additional graphics and maps. The new version will arrive somewhere November.. The exact date is still not sure.

24 October 2004 - Dev Update
The new version is getting somewhere now.. Still we have quite some things to do before it is ready to be released. All the features as listed in the version history are up and running and seem to be stable. Still working on 2 more features! those will be item crafting and npc barber shops.. Also we are working hard to improve the overall graphics inside houses. (outside houses will come later.) When the next version is ready to be released is still not sure... When 0.15 release the downloads will also become available again.. Take a look at the gallery there are 2 new screenshots ;)

20 October 2004 - Endless Radio ?
Yep! there seems to be an online radio station broadcasting about Endless.. The address of their website is

7 October 2004 - Server disruption - fixed
The server seems to be fixed... for now, the player limit is set on 150.

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