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News Archive - from the past
8 September 2004 - New setup available (optional)
The new client will probably compiled as a setup and replace the old download. The new setup will only fix some minor problems such as unwanted trade requests, a few error messages and graphical bugs (the blue hair with black box around it).

As endless grows more and more players seem to stay around.. We already had 232 players on at the same time! .. crazy isnt it..

2 September 2004 - Version 0.14 is here
After a somewhat long maintenence (sorry!) we finally got 0.14 stable and running, you can now download the newest client form the download page.

1 September 2004 - Server maintenence
Testrun 0.12 is completed, the server is down for maintence and testing.

17 August 2004 - Download stop
Thank you all for helping us test 0.12, it appears that new features also cause new problems ( looting, theft and blocking ) We decided to cancel the current downloads untill we have a new and improved version available, so new players can have a more enjoyable game. The next version will fix all the current problems and should arrive within a month.

11 July 2004 - Version 0.12 is here
You can download the new client software from our download page. Have fun :)

27 June 2004 - Aengie is back
Please welcome Aengie as she came back from the long break :). Aengie is one of the co-founders of Endless, without her this online world would probably not exist. Meanwhile we still working on the next version, which will be another big step towards a real mmrpg.

12 June 2004 - Dev update
We are working on an advanced graphical item and inventory system that takes us some more time to build. Beside this we have skipped the last version (11) because we felt it was not worth publishing.

The next update will include items, an inventory and a paperdoll system. This update should arrive within the next 1 or 2 months. Beside the items there are a lot more smaller features and new graphics added to the game.

The current version 0.10 will keep running but will not receive any bug fix attention for both client and server.

3 June 2004 - Reinforcements
You probably already noticed it by the look of new cute website banner... the artist Sakura joined the endless staff, you can expect new and pretty in-game menu screens too!

29 April 2004 - Dev Update
The next step for the project will be items.. The item system is a little bigger then expected so it will take a time to complete this step. The good news is that once we have a fully working item system we can continue on working towards a battle system!.. A few new screenshots have been added to the gallery.

16 April 2004 - Version 0.10 is here
After a short period of closing we open the server again for another testrun! The 0.10 version will show a lot more features then the previous testrun, though we still have no battle systems online. The download is only 3MB, come and join the fun!:)

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