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News Archive - from the past
8 April 2004 - Alpha testing comming soon
A lot of changes, improvements and additions have been done to the game. We are still working on fixing some new graphics and coding the new map layer and music systems. When we done we launch the next alpha test (0.10)

23 March 2004 - Accounts deleted
The database is completly reset, meaning all accounts and characters are deleted. This had to be done to fix the account creation bug many people complained about. Its all fixed now, if you want to continue testing please re-create your account and characters, thank you..

20 March 2004 - New downloads available
The 0.09 client can be downloaded from the downloads page. This version is still limited but we like to test our server with more people connected. The download is about 2,61 MB and will be up for a limited time.

16 March 2004 - Worm warning
An email worm called skyNet.32 is faking all kind of email names to mislead people to open a dangerous zip file. Do not open any attached files that appear to come from us, we are not responsible if you do.

28 February 2004 - Reinforcements
The artist Laine has joined the team, some of you probably already seen the previews of the shop designed by her, if not you can have a look in the forum.

9 February 2004 - OMG! we are back
Yep, we are back and meanwhile we have been working quite hard on the mmrpg project. (see version history) Things can only get better from this point since there is a dedicated server available.

19 December 2003 - Non visible progress
Lately the website havent been updated many but that doesnt mean we there is no progress, currently all the effort is going to a Character Studio and a Map Studio. This two advanced programs will allow us to develop custom clothes and world maps for the mmrpg

29 November 2003 - Website upgrade
A new menu was needed because the old menu was too small to view all the pages ( our website has grown quite a lot lately ) Also added some real-time game status pages etc.. hope you all like it.

28 November 2003 - website integration
An experimental real-time 'online player list' is now available, click here to see it in action. Still working on the automatic php generators to make everything as smooth as possible. Also more scripts will be available in time, like top50 players, player character sheets and real-time server status.

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