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News Archive - from the past
31 December 2006 - Happy Newyear
The Endless staff wishes you all a wonderfull new year! We got some big plans to work further towards a complete mmorpg, we think we getting real close! Lets wait and see what the new year will bring :)

16 December 2006 - New version (0.27) available
We released a new version 0.27, this version has the new battle system, a pk zone, ks protection, and some other addon features you can read here. Also the spawn rate of all monsters has been speeded up with 25%.

Instead of balancing the whole world, we just released this version semi-balanced. This way we avoid the long wait on a newer verson, and also all new features are fully tested while we can continue balancing all the items :)

The new client is needed to continue playing, you can download the latest client here.

1 December 2006 - Its the december time again!
Another year passed, and the best month of the year has started! Endless online has done great this year, thanks to the support of all our players.

V 0.27 Development news: The engine coding is completed, if all goes well we expect to do a test-run on the testserver within a week. More information can be found on the EO test outpost

Have a good time everyone!
The EO team

19 November 2006 - Dev update
The latest progress on the engine is the addition of equipable arrows (for archers) and a fixed group system where the health of each member is updated on screen. Next thing on the list is a casting delay system for all wizards (depending on spell)

12 November 2006 - Dev update
A full npc kill-steal (kill lock) protection routine was added and tested successfully. Right now we are trying to improve all npcs with some better scan/movement routines. When this is done we can run a few tests with the new client on the test server.

6 November 2006 - Dev update
In an attempt to make the current battle systems a lot more intresting we have been adding full stats to all items, class-depending bonuses, and a full elemental system. Also the group system and killprotect code will be fully recoded to garantee more safety for our players. Balancing the current items/npcs will take a while, but the result will be worth it.

22 October 2006 - New quest added
Things have gone terribly wrong in the factory, located at the dizzy desert, deep under ground.. As a result hordes of robots have began to kill everything in sight. Can you help the co-workers to get the main reactor stable again?

20 October 2006 - New quests added
Deep inside the eastern swamps lives Serf, his brothers were cursed by the evil Apozen, can you safe them? Also a maze master has appeared in the imperial castle, if you can solve his maze he will reward you.

15 October 2006 - V26/B notice
There is a new version uploaded on the website, this setup will not add any new features, and is not needed to install. However if you experience black tiles, or missing graphics in the game this patch might finally fix it. Please give me some feedback on the forums (general discussion) - Vult-r

7 October 2006 - V26 is here (the quest engine!)
The long awaited update has finally released, please all download your copy of v26, this version is also needed to be able to connect to the gameserver, as older clients will no longer be able to login. After 1380+ hours of uptime V25 proved to be stable, lets hope this new version is going to be the same!

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