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News Archive - from the past
27 November 2003 - development update
A lot of time have been spend to deal with all known bugs, so we can say 'byebye' to them for good. It looks like the 0.04 client has become a stable, non-problem software product for everyone. A lot of new gfx have been added and will be added for the next comming weeks. Minor server problems also been worked out.

Expect a real-time 'who is online player list' on the website soon, the auto mysql and php script generator is almost finished, this software will allow server-owners to easy setup and secure the database and php scripts with just a few mouse clicks.

A dynamic 'linked' map file format is being researched to reduce a full 255x255 map to only 70 or 80kb, this should be possible with a linked-list and some file compression.. When done the way is clear for the visual offline mapeditor, people (mappers) will be able to easy build and link isometric maps!! :)

As usuall this development stage will take a while, we are building a game but also the whole game and server engine from scratch :P

23 November 2003 - testrun results
The server will stay on a few more hours for those who missed it, the official testrun is over.. Thank you for all who participated and gave suggestions. A few bugs have been found in the client software, nothing too serious. Feel free to post your bugs at the forums.

The test lasted 1 hour and had 13 people online same at the same time. The server consumed 0.39 minutes* of CPU (700Mhz) and 4.91 mb system memmory to serve the full testhour. The bandwidth peek was 30kbs up/down stream (3.75K/sec).

22 November 2003 - download available
For those who like to participate in the testrun, or are just curious: You can now download a copy from the downloads page. Tomorrow we open the server to accept new accounts and login requests.

21 November 2003 - code 0.03 complete
It took a while, but the job is done : the whole sprite customization system is working. Next few days will be used to add some more clothes and hats to the game. We hope to do a one-day testrun on sunday, if you like to participate please post your name and email on the forum, thank you.

12 November 2003 - Development update
We are making good and fast progress on the custom clothing system now, boots and armors are already supported by the game engine + development tools. Right now the artists are working on getting all their work in the engine :) Then we can finally take the current, rather strange looking, screenshots offline and replace them with decent dressed players.

24 October 2003 - Testrun results
Endless have had a testrun with 10 players online at the same time. A few bugs showed up for everyone and caused some trouble, nothing too serious though. Next few days will be used to bugfix them all and then we can move to a next stage in development :) The good news is that the server never crashed and proved to be stable as always.

22 October 2003 - Good news
The engine getting better every day. Now it can show complete maps with trees, walls, fountain ... etc.. Vult-r will be busy fixing a few small bugs then we move on with support for clothes (boots, armor and hat).

10 October 2003 - A new challenge
There are some new articles on the support area, now we have a total of five amazing stories........ Wonder what we been doing lately ? .. well, we have been working on the game client giving it more features and ease. Now we are facing a new challenge that will take a few days, we going to give every player the ability to sit down and relax :)

3 October 2003 - Website update
More screenshots have been added to our website, its worth a look :) also the client and server progress is going nice. I can tell that the tcp/ip (packet build, encode and parse) engine is seriously improved and now running VERY VERY fast. more information about development can always be found on our forums.

24 September 2003 - Website update
The website has been updated again withmore information. At a later time we will remake the website with a better look and all available information, at this moment our main goal is getting the client and server software more complete. The client is almost ready and stable with support for fast unique sprite pre-rendering. Check out our forums for the latest updates about the development of Endless.

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